March 25, 2017

Jim Beers for Director, USFWS, The Frosting on the Cake

Argue the Premise

By James Beers: I am in agreement with those that say we are living in a “Dictatorship of Relativism”. Relativism refers to the lack of agreement in any one truth and the embrace of unlimited alternatives that conflict with each other in any and all matters of the day.  Consider all the deeply held and […]

A Wolf Letter to the Denver Post

(Kept to 151 words) As a 32 year Biologist/Refuge Manager/Special Agent employee of USFWS: Wolf presence or absence is not and should not be a decision for persons outside Colorado. Wolves kill livestock; reduce big game herds, hunting opportunities and licenses,; and they kill dogs. Wolves are extremely effective vectors of over 30 diseases and […]

A Book to Read; A Book to Give

I just finished reading Wolf: What’s to Misunderstand?. It is a book by Thomas K. Remington published in 2014. The book covers the history of wolves. It describes ancient references to wolves in European history and the early history of wolves as America was being settled by European farmers, ranchers and other rural settlers. It […]

Dingoes = Wolves = Coyotes = Dogs

By James Beers: Dingoes, wolves, coyotes and dogs are all Canids. The name Canid comes from the Genus name Canis. All four of these animals are called species within the Genus Canis: Dingoes (Canis dingo); Wolves (Canis lupus); Coyotes (Canis latrans); and Dogs (Canis familiaris) but that identification of these as four “species” is misleading. […]

Buffalo as Metaphors

By James Beers (METAPHOR, n. a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable, in order to suggest a resemblance, as “A mighty fortress is our God”.) I have just finished reading the latest federal EIS/Plan/Federal Register Notice/Request for Comments written by the […]

Wolf Sermons by the Head Druid

By James Beers *Editor’s note – In order to understand Jim Beers’ following article and rebuttal, readers must first read the article in the Pioneer Press that Beers refers to. Below is a short teaser and a link to the article, followed by Jim Beers’ response. “”What it sounds like is a dog chasing a […]

North Carolina Defies “GI” Wolves

“As someone with a long involvement in US and European wolf debacles of the past three-plus decades, it is with admiration and a wry sense of amusement that I have followed the sordid history of federal red wolf impositions on the good people of North Carolina. I admire what you are doing about “wolves” and […]

Wolf Wisdom from a Wolf Authority

Dr. Val Geist is a retired Canadian University Professor now living in British Columbia. While his title is “Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science” his field of expertise for which he is internationally recognized is the biology of wildlife and the societal implications of wildlife policy options. I have no greater respect for any academic in […]

Who’s Copying Who?

Guest post by James Beers: A recent “scientific paper” from Finland: Strong community support for illegal killing challenges wolf management Abstract In Finland, the conservation of large mammalian carnivores—brown bear, lynx, wolf and wolverine—is undermined by illegal killings that have commonly taken place after the implementation of national carnivore management plans. This hidden form of […]