June 4, 2023

A Proposed “Tax Holiday” on Hunting Equipment Purchases

In Texas:

“The bill would create two sales tax holiday weekends, one on the last full weekend in August to coincide with the beginning of dove season, and a second on the last full weekend in October to coincide with the beginning of deer season.
Items that would be included in the tax-free weekend are firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, hunting blinds and stands, hunting decoys, gun cases and gun safes, and hunting safety equipment.”<<<Read More>>>

*Note* As one reader emailed me, he said, “…here is one way for the *$(#@&*^ not using money for bunny studies….don’t give them any!”

What do you think? Excise tax money collected from the sale of certain sports equipment is collected by the government and then after the government and special interest groups take their share, some legal and some not, the government redistributes that money back to the states supposedly to be used for programs designed to enhance hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting. Do you support a tax holiday in your state?