November 29, 2022

Why Animals Eat Their Young

They are out there. There’s little we can do about it. We not only protect them but it appears we are proliferating their very being.

My next statement will appear extremely cruel to 99.999% of Americans. If you don’t want to be offended get off this page and don’t leave stupid comments in the comment section….thank you.

The other day I went to Home Depot to buy some spray paint in order to paint an antique iron bed frame. I picked out two cans and headed for the Self Check-out up front. I scanned the first can and that act set off a bunch of bells, whistles and sirens. On the screen it read, “Please show your driver’s license to the cashier now!”

WHAT????? Even with all the noise and commotion, there was no customer service representative making any attempt to come to my rescue. So, I did what any red-blooded asshole – that is anyone who is getting so fed up with government orchestrating every damned move I make – would do and shouted very loudly, “Why do I have to show somebody my driver’s license?”

With that a young man said, “I’ll help you with that sir,” and he walked over to his computer screen and cleared the mess on mine. He said, “There you go, sir. You can continue now.”

But nobody has answered my question: “Why do I need to show someone my driver’s license?”

To the customer service representative the answer was simple. To me it was mind blowing. He said, “You have to be 18 to buy this kind of paint.”

“WHAT????? Why?”

“Because kids are buying it to ‘sniff’ and get high,” was his reply.

Without thinking I said, “Let them buy the stuff. Why do we continue to protect these kinds of people?”

I shocked the hell out of this guy.

So, what happens is these paint-sniffing kids, probably offspring of dope-taking adults, become adults and write letters to the editors of newspapers comparing bear hunting to slavery. Yup!

In a letter to the editor of a Maine newspaper, a woman writes, “I have no sympathy for anyone whose business plan is based on cruelty, any more than I feel sorry for the plantation owners who had to give up their slaves…”

You see this person also thinks bears are “sentient” beings, that is, “able to perceive or feel things,” like humans. I used to think that people who thought this way just wanted to make animals become like humans so they could have at least one friend. Over the years I’ve come to learn what is really going on is that some humans want to become like bears (animals) so that they can actually “perceive” something.

But on a somewhat related note, many of the same people who think bears are smarter than they are, and are more perceptive, have continued to perpetuate a pulled-out-of-the-hat concoction that Maine bear hunters litter the forests with “7-million pounds” of junk food.

First it’s not really littering because all the animals clean it up. Second, 7-million pounds?

In another letter to the editor I was reading this morning, a guy wanted to know how much of an outcry there would be if someone proposed a landfill into which just the 7-million pounds of “jelly donuts” could be dumped. This got me to thinking.

I know a little bit about bear baiting, but I’m not an outfitter, nor have I ever personally baited bear or sat over a bait pile. I did stay at a Holiday Inn once and while there I talked with some bear hunters. Not all bear hunters spend thousands of dollars to buy their bait at full retail value. Some get it at reduced prices, while others get it free.

If bear hunters didn’t use this 7-million pounds of junk food, what would become of it? Would it feed the hungry? I don’t think so. Magically disappear? Doubt it. Be shipped down to the governor of New Jersey’s house? Wrong again. I guess it would end up in the same place all other wasted stuff goes….the landfill.

Just suppose that there was 7-million pounds of bait put out each year from about one month of baiting, times 12 months = 84-million pounds a year. Just to be clear, that’s 168 tons of waste in landfills. Over a ten-year period of time, Maine’s landfills are sneaking up on 2000 tons of food waste.

What about New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and every other state in the Union. What happens to their wasted junk food. If each state had the equivalent amount of wasted junk food as Maine, why golly, there would be 10,000 tons (20 million pounds) of wasted potential bear bait a year.

We can look at this one of two ways: Either there’s an awful lot of wasted food in landfills in this country or maybe there really isn’t quite 7 million pounds of junk food dumped in Maine forests over a one month period of time.

Now, before you go getting your undies in a wad, I’m almost as “sentient” as that bear, and I realize that probably some, I don’t know how much, of the junk food used for bear bait is produced specifically for the bear baiting business. If that is true, then that’s great because somebody has a job that will pay for all the entitlements those protected, paint-sniffing kids will be needing.

We know from 40 years of Maine black bear studies, that any bait used by bear hunters has absolutely none of the side effects claimed by the paint sniffers. Therefore, people have jobs, and that includes manufacturing a bit of “stuff” for bear bait. The bear hunting event keeps a lot of people working, AND it provides for a very healthy black bear population.

And I now all of this because I DON’T SNIFF PAINT!


Just How Much is 7 Million Pounds of “Junk Food?”

We are hearing it more and more each day from the radical human haters at the Humane Society of the United States that each year bear hunters dump 7 million pounds of junk food into Maine’s forests and this action is causing bears to reproduce more offspring and all sorts of other unsubstantiated nonsense. So just how much is 7 million pounds of junk food?

According to a Reuters article about Maine’s upcoming anti hunting bear referendum in November, Maine attracts roughly 10,000 bear hunters. IF bear hunters dump 7 million pounds of junk food in the forests each year and IF all 10,000 bear hunters practiced baiting bears, each bear hunter would be responsible for 700 pounds of junk food.

According to Wikipedia, the average cake donut weighs less than one ounce. So, let’s call it one ounce. It would, therefore, require 16 donuts to make a pound. That would mean each hunter would carry the equivalent of 11,200 donuts into the woods to bait bear.

But this really isn’t the issue. Animal rights emotionally intoxicated human haters say that baiting bears causes all kinds of bad things, like conditioning bears to humans and artificially growing the bear population which is what is the cause of the increase in bear numbers and the number of human and bear interactions. Even if the idea that this “junk food” was causing increased reproduction, the number of bears and the geographical land mass involved with bear baiting is so proportionally small compared to the habitat of the bear in Maine, it would have no overall effect on the state’s bear population. On the contrary. Baiting allows for the harvest of more bears which is used as a control mechanism to keep bear populations in check. If the option of baiting of bears is taken away from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife as a management tool, as is being shown nationwide, bear numbers will grow out of control and Maine citizens should expect increased encounters with bears even in those years when natural conditions provide ample food for bears.


Me And Teddy Bear Are Best Friends

Odd title for this article wouldn’t you say? I chose this title because of a similar title I placed on an article I wrote back in February of 2007. It was titled, “Me and Teddy Roosevelt Were Best Friends.”

What prompted the title invoking the name of Teddy Roosevelt, was because I was tired of people making statements about Teddy Roosevelt much because they believed they understand what was on Roosevelt’s mind over a century ago. In addition, untold quantities of uninformed mouth pieces, yap about Teddy this and Teddy that, when they know nothing about the man and their abuse of poor Teddy comes from quoting him, mostly out of context, or fabricating thoughts Mr. Roosevelt must have had that would support one’s agenda.

Evidently, the pickings have reached the bottom of the barrel and some people are not even adept enough to lie about dead people to promote their agendas. No, they have to pick on animals. After all, like knowing what Teddy Roosevelt was really thinking, these clowns actually think they know what animals think and how they feel.

For purposes of this discussion most any animal could be front and center but let me pick on the black bear for a moment.

Say what you will about mentally retarded environmentalists but they sure know how to pick a tool that will put money in their bank accounts to pay those big salaries. After all, there are lawsuits to be won.

In the State of Maine, Washington, D.C.-based totalitarian environmentalists, specifically the Humane Society of the United States, have waged another war on the citizens of Maine in an attempt to stop bear hunting and trapping. In addition, it appears that I have discovered one such person that must be best friends with a bear and is therefore more qualified to tell the voters of the Pine Tree State about bears than bear scientists.

I have done my share of dumping on wildlife scientists but as bear biologists go, the ones up in Maine do a better than average job of studying and understanding about bears. They just don’t want to believe that bears are eating up too many deer fawns and moose calves. But that’s another story.

The problem with this soul mate of the black bears, is she was caught telling stories about bears that just don’t seem to agree with other people’s information about bears. Fortunately, Cathy DeMerchant, a board member of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine took the time to challenge Connie McCabe of her claims and provide the evidence disproving those claims.

Bear (sorry) in mind, that it is difficult to dispute McCabe’s bear findings, being one with the bear and all and rumors have it that recently Spock appeared to administer a “mind meld” with the bear. Therefore, it is up to readers to decided whether information about bears is more reliable from bear scientists or from Spock’s mind meld.

All joking aside…….well, I doubt that very seriously. Despite the humor I’ve injected into this inane debate of Teddy Roosevelt and black bears being my best friends, it is no joke that environmentalists from away want to destroy a nationally recognized bear management program in order to pimp their anti human, perverted love affair with having lots of stolen money in their bank accounts.

These gangsters and thugs will go to any extreme for that money. The bear’s best friend’s commentary is an example of what, in comparison, would be considered stretching the truth to influence opinion. Don’t be fooled. It is a pretty good rule of thumb when anyone is offering up all sorts of claims about bears or any other animal, without any kind of substantiating resources, it’s probably just lies…, I mean stretching the truth.

To further that discussion consider that one of the excuses these environmentalists are using to argue against using bait to lure a bear into a shooting area, is that the food stuffs being used for bait is not good for the bears. Some of what is being used is junk food. Environmentalists love to pick on doughnuts as being a really nasty food for bears (they say this while sipping Starbucks and gumming a glazed doughnut).

I have even heard and read claims from people that bears become addicted to this bait food and that the bears are storming down the doors of Nurtisystem, Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous. The only hope for these bears is to ban bear hunting and trapping. It is important that we get bears onto a strict natural diet and NO 24-oz. soft drinks. Thank God for animal rights activists like Michael Bloomberg!

To help with getting bears onto healthy diets (don’t forget. People know this because they are best friends with bears…and mind melds), more and more towns like Tallahassee, Florida are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make and distribute bear-proof garbage cans. Hundreds of thousands of dollars when a $1.00 bullet would be a long term solution to an unnecessary problem.

With all this focus on man’s best friend, the bear, to lock them out of garbage cans and break them of their honey-dipped doughnuts addiction, I’m afraid of what will happen to hungry bears with the DTs!

Oh, we’ve become such a foolish society. God help us.