March 29, 2017

Man’s Laws Will Forever Fail

Nothing that man does is guaranteed, nor does he have the authority to assure the right of liberty to anyone, for any reason. It is in man’s nature to be lawless. Only the perfect laws of our Creator, Yahuweh, can place us in an eternal state of liberty. In Vattel’s Law of Nations, a compilation […]

It’s a Shame Really

I think that it is a shame that an organization like the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) is left with no money/resources to do the things a sportsman’s group should do. SAM was much bigger and better than fighting against animal rights and environmental groups, along with fascists like Michael Bloomberg. SAM used to have time […]

They Did Boo God

Will the First Amendment make them right with our Creator? I think not.

Obama’s Filthy, Disgusting, Perverse Obamacare Ad

And I’ll say right off the top that if you think this is the kind of advertising this corrupt, vile, perverse president and his equally labeled bunch of assholes in his administration, is proper and a true representation of the people of America, you’re sick! This is NOT my government representation, nor is it anything […]