March 24, 2023

Comments on Some of Maine’s Proposed Hunting/Fishing Rule Changes

For what it’s worth, I was reading George Smith’s article that listed some of the proposed pieces of legislation in Maine that he deemed perhaps interesting. I thought I would offer my two cents worth on some of them. To be completely forthcoming on this, I have not taken the time to pull up each of the proposed bills in reference. I am only commenting on what the bill title suggests and/or any comments Mr. Smith might have left.

LD 109, sponsored by Rep. Strom of Pittsfield, An Act to Allow Sunday Hunting by Landowners and Those with Landowner Permission.” – In general, I am opposed to any hunting, fishing or trapping rule that singles out any individual or group of individual for preferred opportunities to hunt, fish or trap, while prohibiting other individuals or group of individuals from participating in the same activity. Suggesting such permissions and restrictions is much the same as the promotion of closing down all lands and opening them up to hunting by land-owner leases. Leases are very expensive and will automatically exempt a large swath of residents from participation. This is elitism at its ugliest.

LD 62, sponsored by Rep. Lyford of Eddington, An Act to Remove the Prohibition on Baiting Deer.” – This is nonsense really. All I will say about this proposal is that if baiting deer becomes a necessary tool, like baiting bear, to control the population, then so be it.

LD 277, sponsored by Rep. Stearns of Guilford, An Act Regarding the Use of Helmets of Minors Riding in an All-terrain Vehicle with an Adult.” – A proposal to remove the “Nanny State” totalitarian restriction.

LD 342, sponsored by Senator Maker of Washington County, An Act to Require the Use of Flotation Devices in Canoes. This bill would require you to wear a life jacket while in a canoe.” – Perhaps the person who voted to require someone with authority to wipe their rear ends by mandating helmets, wrote this proposal. It’s none of government’s or other citizen’s business what someone else wants to do when in a canoe. Give it a rest! And forget the perpetuated lie that somehow not wearing a helmet costs other taxpayers more money. Give that a rest, would you?

LD 325, sponsored by Rep. Riley of Jay, An Act to Amend the Process for Distributing Any-deer Permits. This bill would establish a point system for those not drawn for an any-deer permit, to increase their chances in future years, and require DIF&W to issue any-deer permits to veterans without requiring them to participate in the lottery.” – This one tickles me. Enough already. I’m a veteran and if you want to thank a veteran go for it. But aren’t we getting just a bit carried away with this stuff? All of this reminds me of the 1944 movie, “Hail the Conquering Hero,” a satire poking fun at the seemingly endless parades and to-dos of returning war veterans, making everyone a “hero.”(As much like giving everyone a trophy.) There were so many “heroes” there were no longer any more heroes. Give us a break!

LD 352, An Act to Require a Dealer to Sell a Gun Lock with Every New Firearms.” – More Nanny State totalitarian nonsense. Again, give it a rest…and something about where the sun don’t shine!

LD 359, sponsored by Rep. Ginzler of Bridgton, An Act to Protect Maine Lakes and Ponds from Invasive Species. Today motorized watercraft must purchase and display an invasive plant sticker. This bill would extend that requirement to nonmotorized watercraft.” – A Great Big Boogyman Law!! Get this…if you can get the brainwashing out of your head. By fascist law, and/or Pay to Play rape of the citizens with more taxes and fees, a motorized craft has to BUY “an invasive plant sticker.” In case you people who haven’t paid attention, that sticker is like a Star Trek tricorder, probably complete with a “flux capacitor” and other magical items. Or maybe it’s more like a “phaser” set on “stun” that whenever a boat (of course donning a magic sticker) gets anywhere near the water, it zaps anything invasive. Note: Some people need to beware! And, We’re All Gonna Die!

And that sicker has been such a “stunning” (sorry, I’m completely void of sensibility) success, we need to put a magic sticker on all watercraft that doesn’t have a motor. I know a guy who registered part of his dock system as a boat because it was cheaper than buying a permit. Probably that dock needs a invasive plant sticker. And why stop at boats? When I drive, I go through puddles. That water splashes and in some case flows off into streams that find their way to ponds, and lakes and finally the big ocean. Shouldn’t cars have an invasive plant zapper sticker on it? Just think of the money fish and game could collect to count bats and save piping plovers.

This is such an obvious “I’m really stupid” government action and because of your stupidity you are going to get taxed for it, leaving you with the belief that you just saved the goddamn planet.

It is a result of global warming.

Hail You Conquering Heroes!

Many of these proposed bills aren’t “interesting.” They belong here: