December 3, 2023

Judges Meet, Plan To Outlaw Climate Change Denial

While President Obama tells the world that Russian President Putin isn’t representative of “leading” on issues dealing with terrorism in the Middle East, he boasts of his own “leadership” by claiming, “My definition of leadership would be leading on Climate Change.”

And is Obama’s “leadership” in agreement with outlawing any dissent on Climate Change?

“The fact that it could be seriously proposed in the highest courtroom in the land that the law should now be used to suppress any further debate on what has become one of the most contentious issues in the history of science (greeted with applause from the distinguished legal audience) speaks volumes about the curious psychological state to which the great global warming scare has reduced so many of the prominent figures who today exercise power and influence over the life of our Western societies.

“For perspective, we need only think of the likely responses to all this claptrap by China and India (which has just announced that it intends to triple its CO2 emissions by 2030). Not only have they already kicked into touch any chance of a “binding climate treaty” in December. At the thought of these self-important lawyers trying to force them to comply by international law, they will merely respond with inscrutable smiles, as they continue to rely on fossil fuels to power what will soon be the two largest economies in the world.”<<<Read More>>>


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