April 2, 2023

Donald Trump and the Fed-Up Crowd

*Editor’s Note* – The author below speaks of the “Fed-Up Crowd” as though it was a result of liberal progressivism. This particular “Fed-Up Crowd” in reference, is the one like Donald Trump’s prepared-by-some-else words plays into. And yet, there is the fed-up crowd of liberals that has been created by the so-called conservative base. It works both ways. It has to work both ways.

Opposing “Fed-Up Crowds” is a planned event. It’s been in the works for a long time. So much so that now we see, what is probably the epitome of controlled opposition at work in Donald Trump. Trump is fake. Trump has been legitimized to make his move as a fake “conservative” by the likes of the fake Fox News – as well as others.

Because of the planned-for event of opposing “Fed-Ups” the stage was set to insert Trump in as an instigator of more hatred – one man against another. He knows what to say and how to say it to piss off the fake left.

While it is interesting to observe the lying, cheating and stealing, as we see in every political campaign, don’t be fooled by and caught up in the nonsense of political chicanery. Trump, just like Clinton, Sanders, Walker, Bush, Christie, Paul, Cruz, etc. are NOT interested in whether or not you are fed up. They participated, willingly, in making you fed up in order to further their own personal agendas. It will not change.

To explain the inexplicable rise of Donald Trump is to calibrate the anger of a fed-up crowd that is enjoying the comeuppance of an elite that never pays for the ramifications of its own ideology. The elite media, whose trademark is fad and cant, writes off the fed-up crowd as naïve and susceptible to demagoguery as the contradictory and hypocritical Trump manipulates their anger. In fact, they probably got it backwards. Trump is a transitory vehicle of the fed-up crowd, a current expression of their distaste for both Democratic and Republican politics, but not an end in and of himself. The fed-up crowd is tired of being demagogued to death by progressives, who brag of “working across the aisle” and “bipartisanship” as they ram through agendas with executive orders, court decisions, and public ridicule. So the fed-ups want other conservative candidates to emulate Trump’s verve, energy, eagerness to speak the unspeakable, and no-holds barred Lee Atwater style — without otherwise being Trump.

Source: Donald Trump and the Fed-Up Crowd | Works and Days