December 8, 2022

Radical Sour Grapes

A letter to the editor found in the Bangor Daily News is a brilliant representation of ignorance and sour grapes. Lamenting the issue that he and his ilk lost..again…in a referendum vote to ban bear hunting, trapping and fishing, he therefore declares that efforts to improve on the governing process is wrong because he doesn’t agree with the outcomes that have happened and fears his own radical ideas will get shoved down the incinerator where they belong.

Somehow the writer thinks it is only members of the Maine Legislature, who sit on fish and game committees, and sponsor legislation aimed at fish and game issues, are wrong for doing so. If this is wrong then to whom is anyone to go to in order to find a sponsor of a bill? Why do these law makers sit on the committees they work with? I hope any member of the law enforcement committee doesn’t sponsor any bills dealing with law enforcement. I guess that would be bad.

According to the author, we are supposed to believe his bile that hunters and fishermen control the Legislature, the fish and game department, the courts, along with Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks Coffee shops, and Aunt Mary who lives in a shoe.

The author says that a “small group of radical ‘sportsmen'” are taking over the world. The author thinks groups like the Humane Society of the United States are main-stream, “normal” and respectable organizations and that outdoor sportsmen are radical because they believe in the preservation of a cherished and historic way of life.

You decide who the radicals are. In the meantime, such nonsense is nothing more than radical sour grapes.