March 28, 2023

Is “Maine Wire” a Mouthpiece for MDIFW/MWS/LePage Administration?

Opinions are one thing, but attempting to refute news stories while providing no evidence other than what government has accused the Portland Press Herald of doing, either stinks of biased reporting, i.e. a mouthpiece of the reigning Maine State Government, or ignorance in blindly accepting everything that government is telling people happened as truth.

The Maine Wire writes: “The most embarrassing aspect of this controversy for the Press Herald, and perhaps the best illustration of their journalistic malfeasance, is that the core of evidence used to support the assertions they printed are literally from stories – merely just spoken word of such events -occurring in interviews conducted with those either accused or convicted of various fish and game crimes.”

That may or may not be true, but isn’t the Maine Wire discrediting themselves by actually participating in the same “malfeasance” they accuse the PPH of? Nothing in their report, linked to above, comes from anything but “stories” from government agencies and their agents. Yes, it’s a bit more difficult to assume truthful data comes from criminals, but then again, we cannot deny the track record of any government. Isn’t it fools folly to think government doesn’t tell tall tales and damned lies?

Is it Maine Wire’s practice to blindly accept what government tells them as the truth? Or maybe there’s also some cherry picking of government information when it fits a narrative.

Maine Wire also writes: “The truth is that it’s impossible to indulge any undeniable conclusions from this controversy based on the evidence uncovered to date…”

I might completely agree, but why then is Maine Wire indulging in conclusions based solely upon their assumption that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Maine Warden Service accounts are the only one that are accurate? Is that the baseline of credibility – government trust? No thank you!

I don’t know if anything the PPH has written is truthful, no more than I know whether anything the LePage Administration has said or written is truthful. Perhaps words and energy could be better expended in honest attempts at getting to the truth instead of fighting for one side or the other to be right. I have yet to see any real attempts at that.

Maybe tomorrow?