August 1, 2014

MDIFW Provides Conflicting Information HSUS Claims as Facts

One of the biggest arguments members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their blind followers have wrongly stated throughout the latest anti bear hunting campaign in Maine, is that in states that have banned bear hunting over bait, there has not been any problems with bear numbers. Colorado is one state that the antis love to cite as being a state where there was an increase of bear hunters and bear populations remain stable.

However, according to information found at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network website, in a story told there of baiting bear, Jen Vashon, a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) bear biologist, provides information that is contrary to the information being spread by HSUS.

Conflicts between bears and people account for about 500 complaints each year in Maine. Vashon says that’s a small number considering the size of the bear population. She says other states that have restricted bear hunting have seen those complaints rise. Including one western state that banned the use of bait and hounds more than two decades ago.

“Colorado is a great example,” Vashon says. “Their bear population has doubled since their referendum. They have about 1,000 bear complaints each year and in 2012 alone, 400 bears were killed in backyards to protect human safety and almost 100 were killed on roadways.”

HSUS makes the claim that baiting bears is what causes an increase in bear populations. If this claim was true, then Colorado’s bear population would not have doubled in twenty years. This false claim has been levied against all states that have banned bear baiting and it just isn’t factual that bear baiting causes populations to grow.

Here’s a link to a related story out of Colorado where bears are posing a serious problem.

Humane Way to Die

Whether your own personal preferences of how to hunt and harvest game includes bear hunting over bait, one has to seriously consider this statement: “Taking a bear over bait is probably the most humane way a bear could possibly die.”

Eco-Terrorism in Maine and Arizona: Booby-Trapped Roads

A reader provided the information for this post.

In Arizona, there’s a report from the Big Deer Blog that eco-terrorists are placing sharpened rebar in and near roads in portions of that state.

Someone has been purposely placing sharpened rebar on and near forest roads in the Happy Jack area of central Arizona. Spiked pieces of rebar have slashed at least 8 tires.

Well, this act of terrorism is not confined to the Southwest state of Arizona. The person who sent me this information has also provided a photograph of a piece of rebar driven into the middle of a dirt road located in Brighton Plantation in Maine. Part of his comment was: “Tom, we found one of those rebars driven deep into the road in Brighton Plantation [Maine] early last November. [We] took a picture of it at the end of the November. After we had found the rebar we bent it over and placed a rock under it and some flagging tape at the end to warn folks. It was driven in so far that I could not dislodge it.


He also offers this comment: “I wonder if the bear referendum loses will the wackos make driving the back roads an expensive and possibly dangerous task?”

It would also appear from the caption provided on the photograph that upon returning to this same road recently it was discovered that the rebar remains driven into the middle of the road.

People are really, really sick!!

Save Maine’s Bear Hunt


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Maine Bear Facts You Need to Know


Maine Game Wardens responded to two different Search and Rescue calls in northern and southern Maine on Wednesday, July 23.

Press Release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

DEBOULLIE TOWNSHIP – JULY 23, 2014: Mark Nadeau, 46 of Gorham, ME, was camping near Deboullie Lake with his son Nathaniel Nadeau age 16, and a friend Garrick Brown age 15 also from Gorham. The two young men hiked to the Deboullie Mountain Fire Tower at about 1:30pm. A storm came in and the two headed down the mountain on the wrong trail ending up about 3.1 miles further west in the wrong direction. This put them on the west end of Gardner Pond, a very remote location. At about 8:15pm, three game wardens responded to the call and headed to Deboullie Township for the search. At about 1:00am voice contact was made, but it was on the other side of the lake. After a 2 ½ hour hike up over Gardner Mountain and down to the lake the two young men were found at about 3:30am in cool but good condition. Game Warden Pilot Jeff Spencer was called in at dawn, to taxi the party out of the rugged country with the plane across Gardner and Deboullie Lake. Red River Sporting Camps owner Jen Brophy spent the entire night in the woods assisting wardens with her knowledge of the trails and was a huge reason the search was successful.

Nathaniel Nadeau, Garrick Brown and Jen Brophy with responding game wardens at Gardner Pond – Courtesy of MWS

Picture 423

CASCO – JULY 23, 2014: David Crocker, 86 of Portland was located yesterday along Meadow Brook in need of medical attention. While out fishing on along Meadow Brook on Monday, Mr. Crocker suffered a severe medical event. On Wednesday he received a phone call which awoke him and he was able to convey that he needed assistance. Four game wardens and a Cumberland County Deputy responded to the area and were able to locate Mr. Crocker after conducting a hasty search along Meadow Brook. Mr. Crocker was transported to Brighton Hospital after being outside for over 2 days.

No further information is available at this time.

But, But, But Nature is Always in Balance……..Right?

The Maine coastal town of Bar Harbor, adjacent to Acadia National Park, is proposing a one-time deer hunting season in order to reduce the deer population. According to the article, collisions with cars has increased two and a half times since 2000 and the incidence of Lyme disease has gone up four times what it was five years ago. But, with no hunting season, I thought, according to human haters like the Humane Society of the United States, nature is always in balance and man should butt out and let animals do what they are going to do. So why a seeming increase in deer population?

Without spending a great deal of time looking at all the possibilities, I wonder if any of the considerations have to do with an increase, and a continuing increase, in the black bear population and a very large and hungry coyotes/wolf hybrid population throughout the Pine Tree State?

In examining historic documents, such as Early Maine Wildlife by William B. Krohn and Christopher L. Hoving, we learn that when Maine once had a thriving wolf population, and no coyotes, the deer migrated to the coast of Maine and in particular inhabited the many islands near the coast. The reason being that vicious predators drove the deer in search of safe havens.

Now, with vicious predators growing at substantial rates each year, like bears and wolf/coyote hybrids, perhaps more and more deer are being squeezed from inland locations to coastal areas. However, I would be willing to wager a great sum of money that such a scenario is not even considered in any discussions that might involve the hows and whys of too many deer on Acadia.

So much for balance of nature……but don’t go look.