October 9, 2015

Taking Away a Gun’s Rights

*Editor’s Note* – TAKE THAT! You ugly piece of steel! Is it that we have just plain lost all of our grey matter or it must be due to indoctrination? I think some people really think a gun is a bad actor. A small town in Maine is trying to decide what to do with […]

Low Deer Numbers, But Plenty of Food in Northeast

*Editor’s Note* – The description given to what is being called a bobcat kill of a deer, is very similar to that of a mountain lion – just saying. There are certainly more bobcats in New England than mountain lions, however, so long as predators like bears and bobcats are allowed to proliferate – bears […]

MDIFW’s Position on Antler Point Restrictions

L.D. 849 was a proposed bill to force the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to implement Antler Point Restrictions (APR) – essentially a requirement that at least one side of a deer’s antlers be made up of at least 3 points longer than one inch. It is believed by some that APR will grow […]

One Successful Maine Moose Hunt

I’ve received a report from the field from one family of moose hunters. While not the “trophy” they had visions of dancing in their heads for the past few weeks, as always, an adventure of a lifetime. It was also reported that the drive from where the moose was killed to the “highway” was a […]

Deer Fearless, Bears Afraid, Pesticides Banned, Lyme Disease Promoted

Furthering the substantiation that the world has gone mad, I read of a town in Oregon where people are trying to figure out, “how to deal with droves of fearless deer.” Officials say, “The deer have no fear of humans” and “Deer just live there.” The same officials say that when there are too many deer sharing […]

It Seems the Brainwashed-Solution to any Problem is More Government

I was reading George Smith’s article about nuisance wildlife and in particular paid attention to the part asking who should fund dealing with “nuisance” wildlife. According to Smith, it costs $880 million dollars a year to deal with “nuisance” wildlife. Nuisance wildlife are costing us a staggering amount of money: $880 million/year in the northeast. […]

Connolly Named Acting Deputy Commissioner of ME Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Jim Connolly was named Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Monday, replacing retiring Deputy Commissioner Andrea Erskine. Connolly first joined the Department as a wildlife biologist in 1980 and currently serves as IFW’s Director of the Bureau of Resource Management. Source: Connolly Named Acting Deputy Commissioner of ME Department of […]

Bloomberg Targets Maine – Gun Banners Think Maine Will Be A Pushover

*Editor’s Note* – There are no coincidences here. One reason that Bloomberg and their carpetbaggers are in Maine is because of Angus King. King won senatorial election in Maine due to the buying up of King and his campaign by Bloomberg. He is owned by Michael Bloomberg. The other issue is that it is no […]

Bear-hunting guides wary of another referendum challenge

*Editor’s Note* – Don’t bet on the statement below! WELD — A year after Maine voters defeated a second bear-hunting referendum, hunting guides are wary they might have to fight off another challenge in the future.However, the Humane Society of the United States, which funded last year’s campaign to ban the use of bait, hounds […]

Did you seriously think Millinocket would be the next Bar Harbor? 

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the national park proposal has very little to do with saving the region’s economy, or even protecting the area’s environment, and everything to do with destroying the region’s culture. It’s another condescending salvo in an ongoing cultural war that included 2014’s bear baiting referendum. Source: Did you […]