September 2, 2015

Lies and Emotional Drool Over Gun Ownership

*Editor’s Note* – The article linked-to below, specifically the map and supposed “data” used in drawing the map, along with the comments and conclusions made by the author, are absolute garbage. This is a classic example of lying and twisting facts, while disregarding most qualifying data, to come up with a gobbeldy-gook of emotional drool aimed at sensationalizing gun ownership.

Note the quote below that states that in Maine “licensed [gun] dealers” are not required to report transactions. The law requirements for ALL dealers states:

FFL Duties and Prohibitions

Once licensed, federal law requires dealers to:

  • Initiate background checks on unlicensed firearm purchasers;21
  • Maintain records of the acquisition and sale of firearms;22
  • Report multiple sales of handguns (i.e., the sale of two or more pistols or revolvers to an unlicensed person within any five consecutive business day period);23
  • Report the theft or loss of a firearm to the Attorney General and to the “appropriate local authorities” within 48 hours after the theft or loss is discovered;24 and
  • Provide a secure gun storage or safety device with every handgun purchased or sold.25

It is therefore REQUIRED by the Federal Government that a record be maintained by the gun dealer of all gun sales. It is a lie to state otherwise.

In Maine, neither licensed dealers nor private purchasers are required to report the transactions, and who knows how many rifles have been handed down from hunters to their children over the years?

Source: Maine’s got about as many guns as a foreign country 24 times its size | Mapped


Maine’s fish and game records plotted out on one interactive map | Mapped

*Editor’s Note* – Is this really such a good thing? Leave comments below.

Using the fish and game records kept in part by the state and further tracked by publications like The Maine Sportsman, we produced this interactive map of where all of Maine’s biggest fish and game have been caught.

Source: Maine’s fish and game records plotted out on one interactive map | Mapped

LePage tells Obama to steer clear of national park debate

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage has sent letters to President Barack Obama and Maine’s congressional delegation to express opposition to as-yet unreleased proposals that would apply national monument protections to federal land in the Gulf of Maine and land eyed for a national park in the Millinocket area.

Source: LePage tells Obama to steer clear of national park debate — Politics — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Outdoors in Maine: No more chocolate for Yogi

*Editor’s Note* – The emboldened words and phrases below, I added. I’m not an expert on bear baiting and don’t really know how banning chocolate will effect the process, but do scientists really have a grasp on the effects of theobromine on bears? Or is this just a placating law, that will be difficult, to impossible, to enforce, as an incremental step toward the complete ban of baiting bears?

There has been discussion for quite some time now about chocolate eating bears and most information available is based on possibilities. Perhaps it’s akin to when Cyclimates were banned as an artificial sweetener after it was believed that if a person drank the equivalent of a 20-acres pond full of Cyclimates, it might cause cancer.

It seems that processed chocolate, including the kind we eat, contains theobromine, which officials say can be toxic to bears and other wild animals. Apparently a bear in Michigan and, reportedly in New Hampshire, died from eating too much chocolate at a bait site.

Source: Outdoors in Maine: No more chocolate for Yogi | Sun Journal





Maine Residents Seek to Add Gun Measure to 2016 Ballot

*Editor’s Note* – This is not new news. Neither is the BS found in the Newsweek propaganda piece. But there are two things to point out. First, Newsweek is a garbage publication and nobody there is smart enough to figure out why. They can’t sell their rotten copy and thus, when you follow the link, you are subjected to numerous pop-up ads, I suppose hoping they can somehow pay for their propaganda. Which brings me to the second point. The article is so full of lies and misleading information and the comments that follow the written garbage proves the point. Readers are beginning to understand that the brainwashing propaganda is no longer subtle. It’s a blatant attempt at simply lying and they get away with it…just like Barack H. Obama and every stinking rotten politician in Washington.

Supporters want universal background checks for all firearms sales.

Source: Maine Residents Seek to Add Gun Measure to 2016 Ballot

Slain Christian’s head allegedly bashed by Muslim ‘refugees’

A judge on Monday unsealed the court documents of a grisly murder of a Christian man, allegedly at the hands of three Muslim immigrants in Portland, Maine. In those documents, which had been sealed since the three men were charged Aug. 11, police said they found […]

Source: Slain Christian’s head allegedly bashed by Muslim ‘refugees’

Group aims for 2016 Maine vote on gun sales background checks

“The Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Fund submitted an application to the secretary of state’s office Monday to force a question onto the ballot with a petition drive. The group’s “Background Check Initiative” would require all sales and transfers of guns be conducted through licensed gun dealers, which would ensure criminal background checks are performed every time.”<<<Read More>>>

By god that would have saved that woman who CHOSE to go unarmed.



Hunting for Works for Maine does indeed work for this outdoorsman, too

In that bear referendum debate, and in its media coverage, there was scant attention paid to the economic stakes involved in the banning of traditional bear hunting. Bear hunting, like other forms of hunting in Maine, is more than a wildlife management tool; hunting, when you factor in the ripple effect, is a $363 million industry in this state — one we can ill afford to lose.

Source: Hunting for Works for Maine does indeed work for this outdoorsman, too | Sun Journal

Maine Trappers Required to Use “Exclusion” Device to Avoid Lynx Capture

According to an article in the Press Herald, Maine trappers will now be required to use an exclusion device that is intended to prevent Canada lynx, a falsely declared “Endangered Species,” from entering a killer-type trap, along with other restrictions on non-lethal restraint devices.

Last December, the department effectively shut down trapping for most above-ground species in the northern half of the state after two lynx were found dead in legally set traps during a two-week period. The lynx died just weeks after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had issued Maine an “incidental take permit” that shields the state from liability for accidental lynx trappings but requires a state response if too many lynx are caught.

I sure would like to hear others begin and/or continue to ask the question as to whether or not the odds are extremely slim that it was a mere coincidence that two lynx were “killed in traps” just shortly AFTER the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) was granted an Incidental Take Permit. Something has always stunk from my perspective of things.

And yet, fascist/totalitarian environmentalists have launched a lawsuit to put a halt to all trapping in order to protect the lynx they say, but their real goal, and always has been, is to end trapping…period. Is this really all just a coincidence? Was there ever a necropsy done on the two lynx that were “killed in traps?” Was there ever any kind of investigation, a real one anyway, in order to rightfully determine the events leading up to and the death of the two lynx. It’s just too bizarre to at least not question.

I suppose when the MDIFW, environmentalists in their own right, deliberately craft, along with the fascists in the corrupt U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a permit that easily sets the stage for this kind of event, how could any of us expect that same department to ask any difficult questions and find any difficult answers?

We operate in a rigged system – one rigged purposefully for the eco-fascist/totalitarian environmentalists, led by a corrupt government. Expect NOTHING to improve so long as the system remains rigged.








Maine Deer Hunters Will Be Short-Changed Again

“Maine is issuing 28,770 deer hunting permits, down from 37,185 permits last year.”<<<Read More>>>