February 7, 2023

Reducing bison population key to saving Yellowstone’s Northern Range

*Editor’s Note* – Gee, I thought Nature balanced itself out? Somebody must be wrong and then again, maybe not. Is there any such thing anymore of approaching “sustainability” as what benefits man, or is it now all about what benefits everything but man? According to ignorant-of-history environmentalists, bison, elk, deer, moose, lions, bears and representatives of Black Lives Matter roamed the West in numbers too big to ignore. Evidently, when convenient, these Nirvanic populations of wild animals didn’t eat nor did they “overgraze” the Northern Range of what would become America’s idealistic zoo. DON’T GO LOOK! at what historically took place back then. There’s more money and emotional clap-trap fun to make shit up.

Wolf lovers, all of whom are ignorant environmentalists, say that wolves kill, thin, chase away – whatever is a convenient narrative – elk and provide a Disneyesque landscape of regenerated vegetation where all animals of the forest can gather and sing Kumbaya. And for god’s sake, let’s not forget that wolves change the paths of streams, cured polio…and, and, and…if there were enough wolves, and now bison, we could toss Trump out of the White House before he gets in there. All adds up to the same amount of nonsense.

According to the environmentalist, man should be removed from the equation of our fake “ecosystems.” Well, until it fits one of their convenient narratives – say some place like Isle Royale, where environmentalists don’t want humans going on that island, keeping it a “wilderness”…with the exception, of course, of the environmentalists who want it as their private sex-with-animals, playground, in which mentally deficient animal perverts like the head of the Humane Society of the United States says, it changed him forever. KUMBAYA! KUMBAYA! KUMBAYA!

So, which will it be? Are we going to rid the landscape of those over-grazers or let the predator animals create the same kind of landscape environmentalists want for their fellow man…of which they, somehow, magically think they are exempt from. I’ve never quite figured that out.

Man could just step away from wildlife management but nobody would like the outcome, unless you’re a bear or wolf, until such time as you must eat your own family to survive.

Why not solve the so-perceived wildlife management problems by striking a sensible (nobody in this world, any longer knows what that means) man-created “balance” that first, is in the best interest to sustain a population of men, and secondly, is beneficial to wild animals by doing reasonably, responsible things for the animal and not things detrimental to man’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of sovereignty (happiness).

I didn’t think so!

There is no end to the madness. I always thought that environmentalists want their cake and eat it too. It has taken a few years, but now I get it. They are too stupid to even recognize a cake. They just want.

“George Wuerthner’s recent (Dec. 20) guest column “Save Yellowstone bison from slaughter,” complaining about population control of Yellowstone National Park bison, fails to recognize one of the most significant conservation issues in the West – overgrazing of Yellowstone’s magnificent Northern Range. Severe, prolonged overgrazing of the Northern Range in Yellowstone National Park by elk since the 1920s and now by bison has, and is still, significantly degrading the land. Bison conservation and recovery of free-ranging populations are very important, but no single species’ needs outweigh the obligation to protect the land (soil-water-vegetation), the basic units of conservation for all life on our planet.”<<<Read More>>>