February 8, 2023

Bear Mauls 12-Year-Old Girl to Death

But this must be a lie. Bears don’t attack people. The Times of India even reports that, “At least 10 persons and two bears have been killed in bear-human being conflict in Kotpad forest range in past few weeks.” It must something the people are doing to piss off the bears and causing them to attack humans. Or are they blaming bears for 10 dead people because they ate poison mushrooms?

None of this is certainly the bears fault!


Idiot Jumps From Train Into Tiger Pen, Media Focuses On Tiger Mauling

A brain dead individual, perhaps blinded by rational thinking because he chooses to be, jumped from an elevated train inside the Bronx Zoo in New York to land in a tiger pit. Much of the media tells the story in such a fashion that focuses on the the actual mauling of the tiger, with little, if any, emphasis on the fact that this simpleton jumped from a moving train, several feet over and down to get into the pen because, “he wanted to be one with the tiger”. Perhaps they could have, instead, focused on the dimwit’s perverse perception of animals and his mental capacity to rationalize that jumping into a tiger pit from a moving train might get you inside the stomach of a tiger….if that’s considering becoming one with the animal.

An interesting point to note: The flying fool’s last name is Villalobos – “home of the wolves”. Perhaps he thinks more like a wolf than a sane human being.