February 4, 2023

BDN An Obvious Mouthpiece For Fascist Bloomberg

If one ever wondered on what ground the Bangor Daily News stands on and whether they would sail with or against the money and power of the fascists posing as leftists, simply read the newspaper’s editorial about Michael Bloomberg’s Question 3 – a referendum to destroy the rights of Maine people.

There is nothing so lazy and ignorant by any journalist, reader, researcher or editorial staff than copying and pasting information spoon fed them by political activists without verifying its factual content. It also lays bare their political bias and intent. The Bangor Daily News did not practice honest journalism, even in conducting an opinion piece, and even though we have known of the left bias of the BDN, it has become that much more obvious that real journalism takes a back seat to politics, especially those driven by the power and greed of a multi-billionaire.

Shame on the BDN for exposing themselves as biased and inept.


Sparks at Disney Shareholder Meeting Over ABC News Bias

Disney’s Robert Iger Denies ABC News is Biased at Disney Shareholder Meeting

Tells National Center for Public Policy Research That Media Bias at ABC is “Very Very Rare”

Also Denies That Former Clinton Administration Official and Clinton Foundation Donor George Stephanopoulos Has Bias in Covering Presidential Race

In Other Meeting Business, Liberal Group’s Effort to Separate Disney from the National Restaurant Association Fails after Exposure by National Center

Liberals are Attacking the Food Service Industry Through Shareholder Proposals


Chicago, IL / Washington, D.C.  – At today’s annual meeting of the Disney shareholder meeting , in response to a question by the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Justin Danhof, Disney CEO Robert Iger claimed bias at ABC News, which is owned by Disney, is “very very rare.”

The exchange came after Danhof noted that Iger told Danhof in 2013 that “we have been guilty of making mistakes” and further said, “we have, at times, either presented the news in… a slightly inaccurate way through mistakes or in ways we weren’t necessarily proud of.”

Danhof asked Iger today what had been done to reduce bias and inaccuracies since 2013.

In response, Iger claimed Danhof misunderstood Iger’s 2013 statement and implied Disney’s news operations are already unbiased and do not require improvement.

“Mr. Iger’s statement is unbelievable,” said Danhof. “In 2013, Mr. Iger conceded that ABC News wasn’t perfect. His words were very clear. Now he apparently believes ABC News is perfect, or nearly so – so close to perfect, he apparently has no interest in working to make it better.”

“Apparently,” Danhof said, “when Iger conceded ‘mistakes’ in 2013, he was defining the word “mistakes’ differently than everyone else.”

“My question to Mr. Iger today was very innocuous,” Danhof continued. “I just asked what he had done since 2013 to reduce bias. Reducing bias is something all news companies should strive for, so my question was hardly controversial. Mr. Iger’s response should be controversial. Although the American people believe the media is biased by a 3-1 margin, Mr. Iger doesn’t see it. He told me today that media bias at ABC News is ‘very very rare.’ When I followed up and asked why so many Americans believe the bias is there, Mr. Iger basically disagreed with the premise. He just doesn’t see bias and he does not believe many others do. Poll data doesn’t back up his assertion. Media bias is real, and the population knows it, even if the CEO of Disney does not.”

Among other comments, Mr. Iger told Danhof, “I do not believe that overall that the American public in general perceives ABC News as biased.”

“It is unfortunate and even distressing,” said Danhof, “that Robert Iger thinks his company’s news product is already all-but-perfect. It must be nice to live in Robert Iger’s world, where problems with a product can be brushed away simply by denying they exist. It is a good thing Disney does not have such a cavalier attitude toward product quality when it comes to the safety of its theme park rides.”

Mr. Iger also told Danhof that presidential election coverage by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos is objective, although Stephanopoulos served in the Clinton Administration and recently donated to the Clinton Foundation. “If George Stephanopoulos were biased he would not be on our air,” Iger said.

“No media organization is perfect,” Danhof said, “because humans are never perfect. But Iger has just told ABC News employees they don’t have to try harder. They are already good enough. What kind of message is that for a CEO to send his workforce? He might as well hand out bumperstickers to employees with the words ‘we’re already good enough’ on them. How inspiring!”

In other shareholder meeting activities, the National Center for Public Policy Research successfully urged the entertainment giant’s stockholders to reject a shareholder proposal from Zevin Asset Management that attacked Disney’s engagement with free enterprise organizations such as the National Restaurant Association.

Justin Danhof, who spoke at the meeting in opposition to the Zevin proposal, said:

At today’s meeting of Disney shareholders, we stopped the left’s latest attack on free enterprise in its tracks. Zevin Asset Management, part of a broad network of liberal shareholder activists, asked Disney’s investors to help it pressure the company to end its affiliation with the liberty movement, specifically targeting the National Restaurant Association. Once I explained the truth about the National Restaurant Association and how it helps create and protect jobs and revitalizes local economies, Disney’s shareholders soundly rejected the proposal.

Today’s vote was a big win for the free enterprise movement. Liberals have been successfully using corporate America in its attacks on the freedom movement for years. Corporate America has often been a willing pawn in the defunding of the free enterprise movement and the suppression of free speech.

Zevin’s proposal used the same types of tactics that the left has used to attack and harm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Chamber of Commerce and Charles and David Koch. However, once I explained the work of the National Restaurant Association – creating community value, good jobs and investment opportunities – the folks at Disney sided with the free enterprise movement.

The restaurant industry provides many Americans with their first work experience instilling in them invaluable lessons that they carry for life. Zevin and its associates would see those entry level jobs regulated out of existence and limit the upward mobility of millions of Americans. Today, they failed and liberty won.

More on the National Center’s opposition to Zevin’s attack on the food service industry is available here.

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is the nation’s preeminent free-market activist group focusing on shareholder activism and the confluence of big government and big business. In 2014-15, National Center representatives participated in 69 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, food policies, media bias, gun rights, workers’ rights and many other important public policy issues. Today’s Disney meeting marks its third shareholder meeting of 2016.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors. Sign up for free issue alerts here or follow us on Twitter at @NationalCenter.


World Social Media Ablaze Over ISU Staffer “Huntress”

Here is IdahoState University’s official statement:
“This is not an Idaho State University matter. While the individual in question is an employee, her personal choices are not representative of the University.”

Source: Boise Guardian | World Social Media Ablaze Over ISU Staffer “Huntress”


How Timothy McVeigh’s Ideals Entered the Mainstream

*Editor’s Note* – This article is a great example of why most “mainstream” media are unbelievable and dangerous in the long haul. Only to someone with actual factual knowledge, can they understand that much of what the author states as fact, is actually false information. On the other end of things, many things the author presents as being false information, is true…at least to some degree.

Republican politicians now often echo conspiracy theories once relegated to troglodyte pamphlets.

Source: How Timothy McVeigh’s Ideals Entered the Mainstream


Wolves: When Ignorance Begets Ignorance, Begets Ignorance, Begets Ignorance, Begets……

“Wolves need to eat, just like everyone else. Since they are not allowed into supermarkets, they eat whatever they can find, presumably darling puppies included.
They do not eat humans. I know that because J. W. Curran, founding publisher of my first newspaper, The Sault Ste. Marie Daily Star, wrote a book titled Wolves Don’t Bite. In it he offered a $100 reward to the first person who could prove he or she had been attacked by a wolf.”<<<Read More>>>


Trying to Understand Americans’ Values

I didn’t want to say anything about this but I just can’t muster the discipline to keep quiet. I want to make sure I have this straight in my own mind. First a tiny bit of perspective before a whole lot of perspective.

There was an issue, real or make believe, that footballs were discovered during last Sunday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. How it is being handled by the NFL is really neither here nor there. When I compare the amount of outrage and media coverage of this event compared to other professional sports “rules” infractions, in addition to the behavior of leaders of this country, it makes little sense.

This nation/corporation has had, does have, and will have members of professional sports who have beaten their children, beaten their spouses, raped women, killed people, gambled against their own sports, taken countless amounts of performance enhancing drugs and illicit drugs and I have probably just scratched the surface. And, some of these guilty people are still playing their sport and have been inducted into their respective Halls of Fame.

We have leaders of this nation/corporation, who, on a regular basis, lie, cheat and steal. We have heads of departments that lie under oath. This government, evidently with the approval and blessings of the people, lies, cheats, steals, murders, invades countries, stage fake terror events, sell, rape and murder children within pedophile rings world wide. And this I have only scratched the surface.

I think everything listed above is a bit more serious than whether or not Tom Brady or anyone or everyone with the New England Patriots tampered with the air in a football to gain an advantage. It certainly does not deserve the hateful and despicable hours of actions and words from idiots who are just pissed off because the Patriots beat their favorite team…again. Americans do love to hate winners!

I heard one morning anchor woman, whose husband is an ex football player and brother-in-law is a back up quarterback for an NFL team, nearly lose her composure while stating that the Patriots “push the envelope” in order to win football games. This, the same woman, who daily repeats pre-written lies her media leaders demand that she read, while seldom displaying the proportionate amount of outrage over other U.S. and world events that should make one’s skin crawl.

Commentary on what did or might have happened is unworthy of writing into words. The masses of holier-than-thous, whose priorities are such that outrage exist, while hiding behind the despicable lie of “protecting the integrity of the game”, really deserve nothing more than the servitude of which they are more than guilty of fomenting because of their perverted senses of worth and value.

While rOME burns, the perverts of Sodom and Gomorrah, want Brady brought to the center of the coliseum. While you worry and spend thousands of dollars in corruption and decadence over man’s game, none are aware, the winners have already been decided.

Go for it! You deserve it!


Winning and Losing The War on Propaganda in Maine’s Anti Bear Referendum Battle

NugentThe battle over the upcoming bear hunting referendum in Maine will be won or lost depending on who can wage the biggest amount of effective lying and demonization of “the other side.” This is at its best in a recent editorial in the Bangor Daily News, where the paper attempts to make readers think the paper is not biased in this campaign against normal Maine living.

On the one hand, you have the Humane Society of the United States; perhaps one of the most corrupt and dishonest organizations in America pointing a finger at the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and placing shame on them for employing Ted Nugent as their campaign spokesman, as if this makes them corrupt and dishonest. The Bangor Daily News, while trying to claim they aren’t party to the lies perpetuated on both sides, takes key quotes and uses them craftily against the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt.

The newspaper chooses to post at least part of a quote from James Cote, campaign manager for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt: [Ted Nugent] “has never been and will never be a spokesperson for our campaign. We, as the only organized opposition, have never announced that he has anything to do with our campaign.” Perhaps Mr. Cote missed the lesson that day when most were taught NEVER to use never and always in sentences that deal with people.

If this was the quote Cote made and in the context it was intended to be, then Cote erred in making it. While the intent may have been to put some distance between Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and the always controversial Ted Nugent, Cote’s choice of words to do that perhaps were not well selected. Nugent had just given one of his guitars to the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine to use to help in raising funds to fight the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wanting to ban bear hunting.

Without having the full text of all the words spoken by Cote, it’s difficult to know exactly how he attempted to correct HSUS’s lies about Nugent being a spokesman for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt. The Bangor Daily News, a professional at spinning words to sell copy and promoting their own, sometimes not-so-impartial, agendas, jumped all over Cote’s words in a double whammie, covering it’s own butt while at the same time being clever enough to continue to be biased against Maine’s bear hunting by manipulating words. In other words, while attempting to let readers know that the paper understands that Nugent isn’t a spokesman for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt, they took the opportunity to cease on Cote’s words to divide his camp, which in turn will lesson the power of Save Maine’s Bear Hunt in its battle with HSUS. Very clever. This is what happens when you have the media on your side.

Of course the lesson here is to choose your words carefully; always an extremely difficult task when dealing with greedy and biased news media.

On the other hand, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt do not have the resources the criminals at HSUS have and need to be careful of the words they speak for and/or against those who choose to support them. We cannot always choose the ideal supporters for any campaign but words that would not cut off the hand that feeds you nor provide ammunition for a biased media sure would help. This is a classic example of David and Goliath.


Is The Humane Society of the United States Introducing Wild Hogs to Maine?

This was sent to me by a reader from Maine:



Trey Gowdy Offends Media With Questions

But do any of these people, media and politicians, really want any of us to know the truth?


Maine Media Invents Bear Trapping Story to Fit Narrative

So, you are one of those who might be a bit skeptical about whether or not the media shills for environmental and/or animal rights groups. It is often said that the media is owned by the same ruling establishment that also owns liberal, progressive movements as well. If the following is not a clear example of just that, then on its face value it is extremely poor journalism.

I was sent a copy of the original article that was found in the Kennebec Journal, a mid-Maine newspaper publication. It has since been removed and replaced with what we can only assume is a more accurate account of a man who shot his dog after being caught in a trap. Below is a copy of the KJ article that can no longer be found.


Bear (sorry) in mind that the Humane Society of the United States is presently collecting signatures in order to place a citizen’s initiative to ban bear hunting, trapping and hounding for a November 2014 election. This then becomes an example of how supposed journalism takes up sides to help promote fascist agendas.

To play on emotions, the writer first declares this man to be 90 years old. The second lie was that the dog was caught in a bear trap – a convenient misrepresentation of facts as a means of conveying to the public how bear trapping is dangerous for pets and humans. The author then attempts to present more ignorant crap by saying perhaps the dog was injured in the bear trap.

Perhaps the man would still have his dog if it had been caught in a bear trap. A bear “trap” is a snare. It holds enough tension around the bear’s, or in this case a dog’s, foot. Any injury that might occur would be caused from the animal struggling to get free, not a direct result of the snare. The old man could have easily released his dog.

The corrected story puts that 90-year-old man at 84 and his dog was caught in a legally set coyote trap. When the man attempted to free his dog from the trap, the dog bit onto the man’s hand and wouldn’t let go, according to the story written. The man shot the dog to get it to let go.

Had the man left his dog in the “foothold trap” and gotten the owner’s information off the trap (if not possible it wouldn’t have taken long to find out whose trap it was or get someone who knew how to release a trap with a catch pole), the dog would not have been seriously injured. The man wouldn’t have ended up with dog bites on his hand and his dog would still be alive.

I don’t take issue with information provided in a media story so long as it is factual. This, obviously, was a rush to pin blame on bear trapping and the victim was an old man and his dog. Also unfortunate, but I’m sure doesn’t bother the person who put out a bad story, is that some social media sites picked up the original story (the one shown above) and that started a buzz going about the evils of trapping, which was the intent of the writer from the beginning in my opinion.