February 7, 2023

Shale Gas Study Shows Little Leakage From Fracking

A new study, disputing previous claims of devastating effects of methane gas leakage from fracking, shows up to 99% of methane gas can be captured. One of the claims against fracking was that leaking methane gas, a so-called green house gas polluter, is sure to destroy the planet. And now a study that supposedly proves otherwise.

But does it really matter? How much and of what kind of natural energy resources get consumed is not determined by whether it’s good or bad for the planet. That’s just a distraction. The ruling elite will only allow enough consumption of natural resources to absolutely get by while preserving it for themselves – the Posterity.

While they do this, we get caught up in debating whether methane gas leaks or not and whether the pollutant will heat the planet and destroy it and us.