February 2, 2023

New World Order of Microstamping and Silver Bullets

Bearing in mind that Kalifornia is the practice model for a new world order under a one world government, the state has finally authorized the implementation of mandatory “microstamping” of handguns. Microstamping is a method of using technology to create a unique “stamp” that is made when a firing pin meets the firing cap end of a cartridge. It’s also something very easy to get around. In other words, it’s a useless piece of legislation unless, of course, the aim here is to ban guns.

Under the guise of being able to “track” guns used in crimes, the action is actually about ending the manufacture and sale of handguns in California. But that’s okay! Just keep telling yourself that government is good for you and they are here to help and protect you.

In addition to the microstamping issue, the totalitarian regime in California is one vote away from implementing a state-wide ban on lead ammunition.