January 27, 2023

The “Naturally Migrating” GI Wolves

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*Editor’s Note* The following was sent to me by a reader of this website. “He” said it was alright to post what he had written providing I not include his name.

(In response to this article posted at The Republic)

After three or four years of people reporting wolf sightings and wolves killing livestock, and finally someone’s dog, the USFWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) and CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) will leap to their feet and exclaim “FIRST WOLF PACK in 70 years.” DNA test will be taken which will show that it’s one of OR-7’s pups [from Oregon’s ‘OR-7-named wolf pack], shock will be followed by more shock as the news hits mainstream media; story after story will be told about OR-7 and his amazing trip to California and back.

There will be several articles stating that the wolves had “Naturally Migrated,” – (not just migrated) they would have to throw the “natural” part in so there was no question that the wolves had not migrated to California in pickup trucks and horse trailers. I’m sure they will have a state picked out where the wolves had “naturally” migrated from (Grant’s Pass OR). There will never be anything mentioned about wolves dispersing. By then Washington and Oregon will be old wolf history and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) crew along with CNW (Conservation Northwest), DoW (Defenders of Wildlife), and the rest of WDFW’s (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) friends will lope off to California for a brand-new wolf story. Of course CDFW will have to start new wolf studies, since wolves that “naturally migrate” change when they cross state lines and are confirmed. The same failed wolf predation prevention tactics will be used, and CDFW will tell the people of California not to worry, wolves are good, they make the aspen grow, balance the ecosystem and beavers flourish.

Biologists from CDFW will refuse to confirm naturally migrated wolves that pop up in all four corners of the state, or where wolves are to be delisted when they hit a certain number that CDFW’s pro-wolf group pulls from the sky. Game herds will hang in towns for protection and when CDFW are questioned about the impact wolves are having on the herds, they will say “for the amount of hunters that showed up, hunting was a great success”. Livestock kills will be blamed on everything except wolves; CDFW like WDFW will tell the public that you have to eat wolf scat in order to get Hydatid disease; and there have only been two people killed by wolves in North America, the wolves are shy, gentle creatures that avoid humans.

By this time magic meatballs and SS would have been going on for several years, and the rural folks would have caught CDFW releasing wolves many times, and heard them denying it at wolf meetings every time. CDFW would have their biologists along with DoW’s flunkies on hunting sights trying to squelch any talk of CDFW releasing wolves, and coaching them to continually say the wolves migrated naturally, it was a natural migration, there won’t be a wolf mentioned by the pro-wolf crowd without first stating the wolves “naturally migrated” from some state.

Some guy taking an early morning jog will be attacked by some wolves, he will end up shooting one of them, and then being honest like he is, he will report it to the USFWS and CDFW. The story will make mainstream media with a big splash, after the investigation the story will disappear never to be heard about again. Eventually DoW, CNW, CDFW will put up a $50,000.00 reward for information leading to anyone shooting a wolf/wolves.

News Alert- California’s Solar-Q3 wolf has traveled into Nevada, it looks like she went right by Harry Reid’s solar ranch, trotted around and peed on Harry’s porch a few times and is now back in California>>>>Five years later after several reports of wolf sightings, some of Bundy’s cattle killed, and a Chinese solar inspector chewed up, NDOW comes out with First Wolf Pack in Seventy Years, DNA confirms it is one of Solar-Q3’s pups…………………..

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northern Rocky Mountain Recovery Program Update


Until 2008, no wild wolves had been confirmed west of the DPS boundary in Washington or Oregon. However, in July 2008, a wolf pack (2 adults and 6 pups) was discovered near Twisp, WA (just east of the North Cascades and west of the DPS boundary). Genetic testing showed these wolves did not originate from the NRM DPS; instead they apparently dispersed southward from the wolf population in southcentral British Columbia. Both adults were radio-collared and the pack is being monitored via radio telemetry by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. If this pack persists it will remain separated and distinct from the NRM DPS by the large expanse of unsuitable wolf habitat in eastern WA and OR.


DNA samples confirm gray wolves are back in Methow Valley By Joyce Campbell
Methow Valley News
July 24, 2008

DNA tests showed that the wolves originated from a population in the northern British Columbia and Alberta provinces of Canada.
“This is a natural colonization,” said Fitkin. “The wolves are naturally immigrating.”

Is there a difference between “southcentral British Columbia” and “northern British Columbia and Alberta provinces of Canada”?

Perhaps the USFWS and WDFW should have gotten their story straight as to where they were going to say the wolves came from? I guess they couldn’t say, we hauled them in from Idaho with horse trailers, it just wouldn’t fit the narrative of: (“This is a natural colonization,” said Fitkin. “The wolves are naturally immigrating.” )

*Update* – June 13, 2014:

“DNA obtained from Lookout Pack wolves has shown they are descendents of wolves living in coastal British Columbia”, who lived separately from inland wolves for many generations, “Conservation Northwest” said in a press release. http://methowvalleynews.com/2013/06/25/will-federal-delisting-impact-states-wolves/