March 25, 2017

Minnesota Busts Two Guys Who Must Be The World’s Worst Trappers

The mouse that roared! Minnesota officials are claiming to have nabbed two old men, 70 and 68 years of age, illegally running traps lines. Officials state they confiscated 638 illegally-set snares. It appears officials have had these two duffers under investigation since 2014. According to one media report, a northern Minnesota trapper, said these men […]

Deer Management Dollars: Don’t Question Government. Take Their Word as Fact

*Editor’s Note* – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to increase hunting license fees from $30.00 to $34.00, and they say the increase is needed for “maintaining the level of deer management Minnesota has. Not increasing it.” In addition, the government says we’ll have to take their word for it when they say that […]

Minnesota Wolves: No Kudos from Here

The following article from a Northern Minnesota newspaper describes a 40-year US Fish and Wildlife Service (retired) Wolf Biologist admitting that wolves in Minnesota have indeed decimated the Minnesota moose population and that, undoubtedly, any attempt to increase moose numbers in Minnesota would be akin to introducing impalas into a lion cage at the zoo. […]

Environmentalists Petition Feds Seeking ESA Listing for Moose

Described as a “subspecies” of moose, the animal in parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota has received attention in the form of a petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to place the subspecies (Alces alces andersoni) on the Endangered Species Act list for federal protection. Readers need to be made […]

Disease, wolves top list of Minnesota moose killers

*Editor’s Note* – What the news report DOESN’T tell us. The information printed in this news report is misleading and I believe to be intentionally so. What I highlighted below is but one example. Of 173 collard moose, 47 died last year. The report says 1/3 of the 47 (15-16) moose’s deaths were attributed to wolves, […]

Seeking Felony Charges for Poaching?

*Editor’s Note* – Missing from the below quote and the entire article linked to, is that another result of a “felony” rap for poaching, is the right to have a gun. Now, don’t go flying off the handle before you hear me out. Throw the book at poachers. Each state needs to decide the penalties […]

Senate Panel Backs Bill to End ESA Protection of Wolves in 4 States, and Prohibit Court Interference

A Senate committee has approved a Republican amendment to strip federal protection from gray wolves in three Great Lakes states and Wyoming. The measure also prohibits courts from intervening in those states on behalf of the embattled predator. Source: Senate panel backs bill to drop wolf protections in 4 states, including Michigan

Devil Dog 

*Editor’s Note* – The article states that, “If you see any coyotes, haze them—yell, clap or bang pots and pans together, creating loud noises to scare the coyotes away.” That tactic may work once or twice but coyotes aren’t as dumb as people. They soon figure out that such hazing techniques have no real consequences. A […]

Wolves may be off endangered species list – again

A U.S. House appropriations bill quietly directs the Secretary of the Interior to take Minnesota’s gray wolves off the endangered species list. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Mn., is calling the effort “tremendous overreach.” Source: Wolves may be off endangered species list – again | Capitol View | Minnesota Public Radio News

Minnesota: Why a Deer Management Audit Will Prove Nothing

Yesterday I posted a link to a news article from Minnesota where it appears enough hunters pestered the state’s legislature long enough to prompt them to cave in to an audit on how the fish and game department there makes decisions pertaining to deer management. In the article that I linked to, a few things […]