January 27, 2023

“Justly” Infringing on Rights

*Editor’s Note* – The Editorial Board of the Portland Press Herald is a shining example of many years of misinformation, disinformation, brainwashing and psychological operations by sinister power brokers aiming at the destruction of the United States, at least what we thought it used to be.

A right is a right, or it should be. It’s not a right when governments and nongovernmental organizations and individuals are allowed to destroy those rights, “without infringing unjustly” on them. If the Second Amendment were truly a right, then how can an editorial board of a newspaper, or anybody else, claim that infringing on a right can be done “justly?”

“Infringe” means to actively break the terms of a law – in this case the Second Amendment. Once a right is infringed upon, it is no longer a right. We should never break the terms of a right.

What I also find amazing is that people, like this editorial board, will waste words in their own newspaper lamenting the failures, corruption, hypocrisy, double standards, etc. of Government, but call upon Government to solve what they deem a problem.

You see, the problem is that this editorial board and millions of people just like them, demand things like new studies and data that supports their misguided ideology. Because of all the things I mentioned above, i.e. misinformation, disinformation, brainwashing and PSYOPs, these people cannot and will not see that what they have been told to do and say is not an answer to anything.

The brainwashing really shows off well when someone, like the editorial board, thinks Government can solve this problem. Government can’t solve anything. Examine the major “wars on” failures, by the public’s standards, on such things as drugs, terror, poverty, etc. For countless years these programs, that taxpayers continue to pay for, have failed miserably. We have nothing to show for it except higher taxes.

The editorial board believes that if people like the NRA would leave the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) alone, they could come up with some data that would surely point the way to end gun violence. Have they forgotten that the CDC is the Government?

We know that science has been bastardized at all levels for profit and agenda promotion. No “scientific” study can be trusted anymore. None! To call upon perhaps the most corrupt government and those that control it, to solve the violence problem in this country, is insanity.

The one constant that keeps this nation from falling 100% into the throes of tyranny, is the Second Amendment. The Founders, we are told, devised the Second Amendment for the protection FROM government tyranny. Please understand that. They new over 250 years ago that without a deterrent, like the Second Amendment, government tyranny would prevail. Today, we find ourselves asking Government to take away our guns. Mad!

About all that is left is the preservation of the Second Amendment. When that is gone, so are we as a free nation…or at least what is left of it.

It is ignorant to claim that infringing on the Second Amendment can be done justly. It is the result of brainwashing to think that crooked government can solve anything.

What the editorial board is really asking for here is for those of us who understand the actual value of the Second Amendment to stand down and let those opposed to liberty and freedom FROM tyranny, cook up the science to support their claims – claims that have never been able to be substantiated.

Ignoring the existing facts and refusing to accept the history of guns and their effect on society, will not reduce gun violence.

Perhaps a nation that turns its attention to God and away from man/government worship, would do more to curb violence, drugs, terror, etc. than demanding one’s own way, rooted in ignorance and mind control.

It is possible that through good public policy, the United States can reduce the number of firearm-related deaths and injuries without infringing unjustly on Second Amendment rights.But to do that, just as has been done in other public health crises, policymakers need good data. And to get good data, agencies like the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must be allowed to work without interference or fear of reprisal.

Source: Our View: U.S. should fund studies of causes of gun violence – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram


Crimes of Wolf Passion and Ignorance

HumanHatredLet’s set the standard for this article right out of the starting gate. It is my opinion that poaching (defined as illegal taking) of game is a crime. I do not endorse or make excuses for poaching for anyone. And as much as I would condemn a poacher for their actions, I will equally condemn an ignorant, emotionally intoxicated fool who, especially in a position of authority, opens their mouth and makes statements that are so ignorant they should never be allowed to speak in any official capacity.

Found in The Republic, is a quote from Idaho Department of Fish and Game conservation officer George Fischer about poaching. He says:

“It’s real easy for people to blow a gasket about wolf predation,” said Idaho Fish and Game District Conservation Officer George Fischer. “They are very passionate about it, they are very irate about it and they are livid about it. Yet there is a two-legged wolf out there that is probably killing as many or more than wolves. Wolves are causing an impact, there is no doubt about it; I don’t want to downplay that at all, but two-legged wolves are probably killing more or stealing more game than wolves. That is the shock-and-awe message.”

According to this same article “officials” are estimating that in all of Idaho in one year, 600 elk, 80 moose, 260 mule deer and 1,000 whitetail deer are taken illegally. That’s 1,940 wild ungulates. So, let’s use “official” claims to see if Fischer’s statement that humans are poaching more animals than wolves is true.

It’s difficult to shoot a moving target, as that is the case with trying to determine how many wolves are in Idaho. However, continuing to use “official” data, according to the 2013 “official” Status of Elk and Wolves Reports, July 2013, at the end of year 2012 Idaho had nearly 1,600 wolves (that figure is officially declared as a minimum estimate).

According to the Final Environmental Impact Statement – 1994, Page 38 – Chapter 3, “Environmental Consequences”, Cumulative Effects Analysis, the FEIS states that: “One hundred wolves are predicted to kill about 1,650 ungulates per year.” Since 1994, I have never laid eyes on any official report of that number decreasing but I have seen several that places the number of ungulates killed per year, per wolf higher than 16.5.

So, for the sake of argument and to substantiate or disprove claims that poachers do more damage than wolves, let’s stick with “official” data and claims. Let’s take the “nearly 1,600 wolves” in Idaho estimate and round it down to 1,500. Let’s keep the number of ungulates killed by wolves per year at 16.5. Doing the math we easily see that wolves kill an estimated 24,750 ungulates per year in Idaho.

Let’s look at that again. George Fischer, of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, who appears to love wolves more than he hates humans, said that poachers illegally kill 1,940 ungulates a year in Idaho. My math is a bit fuzzy here but I think that’s like less than one tenth of one percent.

There are so many sayings about what people should do before they open their mouths. The one that quickly comes to mind is the one about it being better to make people wonder how stupid you are than to speak and remove all doubt.

It’s a shame really, because nobody approves of poaching game. What’s sad is an official with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, exemplifying such anger and hatred toward the human species in an attempt to protect a wild animal.

Damn we got our priorities all screwed up!


Maine The Most “Peaceful” State, Because………………………………?

It seems Maine newspapers and no doubt the citizenry are falling all over themselves to be named the “Most Peaceful” state in the U.S. However, it’s unfortunate that three major newspapers, the Sun Journal, Press Herald and Bangor Daily, opted to republish a piece of crap written by the Associated Press to manipulate public perceptions and influence thought.(Note: At least the Bangor Daily News chose to provide a link to the source of the “Peace Index“.)

It has been proven time and again that the prevalence of gun ownership plays no role in the increase in violent crime and yet the AP chooses to word their report to say, “The South is the least peaceful region with the highest homicide, violent crime, and incarceration rates, as well as the highest prevalence of gun ownership.”

However, in specifically referencing Maine, the same AP report states, “Maine is America’s most peaceful state with recorded reductions in the homicide and incarceration rates as well as the number of police employees.”, while mentioning nothing about the prevalence of gun ownership.

The attempt by the Associated Press is clear. They intend to influence readers to believe that in areas where more people own more guns, life is not “peaceful”.

For shame.

Tom Remington