December 15, 2017

Leftist’s Judgement Day

A reporter decides to attack another for saying VP Mike Pence is a sexist pig because he refuses to dine alone with any woman who is not his wife. Why, is for you to decide. I don’t care, nor should you.

However, aside from the idiocy that all media indulges themselves in, if a reporter is going to offer any credibility for themselves in what they write, beginning a news story with an exaggeration simply sets the stage for readers with a brain to only conclude, the rest of the story is an exaggeration. (Logic tells us there are few readers with a brain.)

The article begins this way: “Vice President Mike Pence is a man of deeply held Christian convictions.”

We are instructed by the Scriptures to not stand in judgement over any man, however, I assure you, in all confidence, that great men like Noah and Moses, Paul, John, etc. were men of “deeply held Christian convictions,” that is those convictions set forth by Yehwah, the Almighty. It is therefore safe to say that calling Mike Pence, who is some kind of self-proclaimed reformed/deformed Catholic, a “man of deeply held Christian conviction” is a stretch and an exaggeration.

Stick to the truth of the story please. If you need to embellish the story with false claims, it isn’t worth the ink it’s written with.


Maine: Our Online License Purchasing Program is now simpler, faster, and portable!

Purchasing your hunting and fishing license anytime, anywhere just got easier.

Maine Online Sportsman’s Electronic System, more commonly known as MOSES, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife online license purchasing program is now quicker, easier to use and packed with new features.

 Best of all, its fully mobile and accessible on your smartphone, ideal for those times you travel to your favorite hunting or fishing spot but forgot to buy your license. You can also use your smartphone to display your license, eliminating the need to print out and carry a paper copy.

License buyers can now purchase licenses for up to three people in one transaction, and if you are purchasing one as a gift, you can even provide a special message. Fewer steps and clarified instructions make it quicker and easier than ever.

The new MOSES automatically reformats to work on any screen size, so that customers can purchase their licenses on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

“These improvements eliminate unnecessary steps and presents new purchasing options,” commented Bill Swan, Director of Licensing for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  “We listened to user comments regarding the service and these changes should improve our customer’s experience.”

“Mobile availability is no longer an afterthought when creating an online service or website, it’s becoming a necessity” stated Maine’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg McNeal. “Individuals now expect the ability to access information or a service from wherever they are and this enhancement greatly increases that accessibility.”

The hunting and fishing license service has continued to grow since its original launch back in 2003.  Each year roughly 40% of the hunting and fishing licenses sold in Maine are purchased online, accounting for over 1.45 million license sales to date.

The Department is funded through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.  Funds from license sales benefit all wildlife species, including nongame as well as endangered and threatened species. Funds are used to ensure a healthy fish and wildlife population, which benefits local jobs and economies; and provides access to woods and waters. The department sells over 400,000 hunting and fishing licenses annually.

The online service was developed at no cost to Maine taxpayers and was created by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, in partnership with the state’s eGovernment portal provider, Informe, and the Maine Office of information Technology.

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