July 11, 2020

Get Out of My Park

When the Federal Government tells Americans to stay out of THEIR parks, some people think the Feds are “#1.”



Closing National Parks or Being Hatefully Spiteful?

I don’t even want to get ranting and raving about government incompetence and why we are even in some kind of fake government shutdown. Instead, let’s take a brief look into what is really going on that is, in my opinion, beyond any imaginable scope of common decency.

Ok, so President Obama decided to make it as painful on the American people (and he has succeeding in pissing off foreign guests as well) as possible and shut down the National Parks, among other things. Is it necessary? At best it’s debatable and worst, it’s tyrannical.

I hate government and, for the most part, everything is stands for…..both sides, party politics (sorry! Get back in line). And yet, whether you think the closing of national parks is necessary during this fake shutdown, I can find reasons why closing some entire parks or areas down…….if I use my imagination.

I don’t want to get into compiling a list of “what ifs” but let’s look at just one thing. What if, a national park was left open, a park where there is no permanent staff, gates, facilities to maintain, etc., and someone got injured, lost or something along those lines. I realize that I might be stretching things a bit here, but I am trying to be a nice guy, as difficult as that is for me to do.

However (and I should probably put that in all caps), there are just some things going on that appear more grounded in spite than complying with a fake government shutdown. I suppose some of the actions could be credited to the monster of totalitarian power we’ve bestowed upon all persons of authority since 9/11, but I’m going to go with spite, at least for now.

Consider the ultimate, so far, in spiteful actions, during this Kabuki Theater of government charades and profound ineptness. From the Catholic Online, this tidbit of information: “It[sic] what looks like a spiteful move, the NPS even removed handles from water spigots along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal where bikers and joggers exercise as well as along the Great Allegheny Passage, just to ensure people don’t get any water from them.”

It’s angering enough that we learn that government spent more money in order to stop spending money to pull off this fake shenanigan. And, to go out of their way to prevent unnecessary public access, raises even more suspicion. This kind of behavior has wrongfully been an acceptable (by the people) practice of government, as we have done nothing to stop it.

To spitefully remove handles from water fountains? Please somebody give me a legitimate reason why this is necessary.

I have two words for Obama, his administration and the 535 members of Congress. It totals seven letters and as of right now I will not place those two words on this website……..yet!

What will this bunch of incompetent, immature, corrupt, hateful, spiteful idiots in Washington do, when the real crisis they have created hits the fan?

And all the people said, “What crisis is that?”


President Obama Should be Evicted

As you will see in the video below, President Obama has forced the eviction of people who live in private-owned residences that sit on federal land. The reason given is that because of the shut down, federal services cannot be rendered.

The White House sits on “Park Reservation Number One and maintained by the National Park Service.” Therefore, if the president can evict citizens from their homes because of a fake government shutdown, he should pack his own bags and get the hell out.


Federal Land Closures: Political Theatre at its Worst

USSA Calls on President Obama to Take Action

(Columbus) – As Washington D.C. faces another government shutdown, hunters, anglers and trappers across the country are facing a shutdown of their own. From Alaska to Florida, sportsmen and women are finding that the budgetary standoff in Congress is having a direct impact on their hunting or fishing season.

The federal government has issued directives to “close” accessible public lands and waters while the government is “shutdown.” At stake are millions of acres of public land administered by agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and National Park Service (NPS). For decades the public has been free to access these lands for recreational purposes—including hunting, fishing and trapping—without securing any specific form of permission or authorization. But now, these agencies are being told to close access to their lands because of the standoff taking place over funding the federal government.

“These lands are generally accessible to the public without special entrance fees, passage through gates, or access via controlled roads or waterways,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA President and CEO. “Not only are these closures unnecessary, they run contrary to law. This is ‘political theatre’ at its very worst.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance delivered a letter to President Obama today demanding that these closures be lifted to allow American hunters and anglers to once again pursue their way of life. Click here to read the letter.

These closures are occurring on lands where federal law mandates hunting and where hunting is statutorily determined to be a “priority public use.” Lack of an agreement on a federal budget does not terminate the effect of the law which clearly allows for hunting.

In 1995 and 1996, the federal government went through a similar situation as Congress and the White House locked horns. The ensuing “shutdown” did not result in closure orders for accessible public lands.

“It’s a shame that these closures are being implemented as a punishment against sportsmen and women,” said Pinizzotto. “These lands are our lands, and American sportsmen and women—and the general public—deserve better than this.”


Actions of Shutdown Reason No New National Parks, Turn Existing Ones Back to States

yellowstoneclosedI think it would be fool’s folly to actually believe that one corrupt, nasty political party would play politics with a faux government shutdown more than another corrupt, nasty political party. What you choose to willfully follow is your business but at least take a moment to consider THE Federal Government, often confused with YOUR Federal Government.

Let’s not discuss the lies we are being told as to what brought this country to the state it is in now. Besides, nobody wants to hear about it and no one, as yet, has indicated they know anything about the truth. Instead, let’s see what THE Federal Government has chosen to do to you and I.

We are lied to repeatedly by Congress and the White House about all the great things bloated government can do for helpless, non thinking people……..sorry, get back in line. Like robots we mouth comments like, “government screws up everything” and yet we continue to walk down the same street, falling into the same holes, obviously because we don’t want to believe truth or are incapable of it, for whatever the reasons.

I’ve always said that the American people will ignorantly, and often times willingly, silently follow the tyranny until it begins to hit close to home and eventually directly. But how much is enough to get people to begin to see things the way they really are instead of the way they are told it is going to be? And if it ever should happen, will it be too late?

Do I have to provide proof that those items THE Federal Government has decided to shut down are politically driven? Being that the subject of this article is national parks, did you miss the story of the Park Service ranger who was instructed to make life as difficult for the people as possible?

Regardless of whether or not you want to believe this, national parks have been shutdown, including extra efforts and money spent to do things that certainly appear to be making life difficult for the people, including erecting barricades to prevent cars from turning out at scenic vistas. In addition hypocrisy prevails in Washington, D.C. While idiots in Washington attempted to keep WWII veterans out, Obama and his love for pissing people off and garnering more votes, has decided to allow an immigration rally at the Washington Monument. Who’s going to clean up the filth after that event? And why preferential treatment of supporters of immigration over WWII Vets and others?

And so, THE Government, not YOUR Government has chosen to use National Parks as a means of inflicting as much hurt on the people as they can for political gain. Do you fail to see that this is a prime example of THE Government doesn’t give one rat’s behind about you or I and are willing to go to whatever extremes to piss us off and make our lives as miserable as possible?

If you still aren’t convinced maybe you should read about how THE Federal Government, not YOUR Federal Government, has inflicted misery on the American people by shutting down the Great Smokey Mountain Park, while putting children at risk.

All of this should bring out the question, why would anyone in their right mind want to take more private land and hand it over to THE Federal Government for more national parks? There is a movement in Maine, really on two fronts, to create more massive national parks. Roxanne Quimby, who sits on the Board of Directors for the National Park Service, wants to turn over tens of thousands of acres of her land in Maine to THE Federal Government, of which she is now a part of, for a National Park. Why? So when THE Federal Government shuts it down, they can inflict maximum pain and suffering on the people of Maine? There’s another movement, all quite related, that wants to turn millions of private forestry land in Maine into a mammoth park shutting down forestry production and blocking access of the people to that land.

With what we are seeing from the children in Washington, who deserve everything they are dishing out and will get none of it back on them, who in their right mind would want to give them more leverage to inflict such pain? Who?

Glenn Reynolds states:

If I were in Congress, I’d be introducing legislation to turn the national parks over to the states.

We know we can’t trust whoever sits in the White House and the brats that got elected to Congress. I wonder what the states would do?


Roxanne Quimby Sneaky Snake About Land Access and Anti-Hunting

According to V. Paul Reynolds’ article in the Sun Journal today, Roxanne Quimby, the queen of hunting and property ownership hate (except when she owns it), has decided she is going to open some 40,000 acres of her stingy land holdings to hunting this fall. In addition, her son, Lucas St. Clair, is saying that Quimby and her Elliotsville Plantation company will not support the Human Society of the United States’ and Wildlife Alliance of Maine’s efforts to ban bear hunting via citizen initiative in 2014. This can only be the classic operation of a sneaky snake willing to make a couple of sacrifices in the short term to gain big accomplishments in the long. Don’t be fooled.

Quimby has publicly stated that nobody should own land and she hates hunting. Of course on the land ownership question she is a bundle of hypocritical contradictions, using corporate earned money to buy up large sums of land, use that land and its resources to further pad her coffers, while trying to convince the rest of the world they don’t deserve to have the same.

Roxanne Quimby was appointed to the board of the National Park Service, a puppet entity of the United Nations, i.e. UNESCO, World Heritage Convention, Agenda 21, and she is determined to get a national park in Maine come hell or high water. Her latest shenanigans, as related by Reynolds’ article, should only be interpreted as a temporary “compromise” in order to gain enough control to sever the arteries of the Maine people.

If Quimby opens 40,000 acres of land to hunting this fall, sportsmen should take full advantage because it won’t be open for long. In addition, should Elliotsville Plantation decide to not support the anti bear hunting referendum (don’t look for them to fight against it) the lack of money and support for HSUS may help the citizens to defeat the animal rights nuts. But all of this is just temporary.

As the old saying goes, it’s difficult to changed the stripes on a zebra.


Roxanne Quimby’s “Plan B” Calls For Obama to Declare “National Monument” for Maine

In a disturbing article in Outside online, and yet nothing surprising when it comes to President Obama and Roxanne Quimby, it appears Quimby is holding a bit of an ace up her sleeve in order to get her land and much of the Northern forests of Maine protected by the Federal Government. Her plan is to ask President Obama, through Executive Order, to declare Northern Maine a “National Monument”, as has been done by other outgoing presidents.

Should Obama lose reelection, Quimby will ask Obama to do this.