February 7, 2023

Agenda 21, Chapter 8 – The Final Coup


*Editor’s Note* – The below quote was posted as a comment in an open thread yesterday. I have decided it warranted being places as a front page story for readers to examine and follow up with reading the entire article from which the quote can be found.

From Pakalert Press:

… the plan is brilliant. You reduce the number from 7+ billion by at least 33% without firing one shot. You simply privatize all natural resources and then price access so that the bottom third of the globe’s population cannot afford it. And so, they die; it will be the biggest die-off of the Anthropocene epoch. From Papua New Guinea to Croatia, from Bolivia to Ghana, from Canada to Central America, from Scotland to Nigeria, from Australia to America, forests, water rights, mineral rights, arable land, national parks, and much more is being privatized with the usual outcomes: degradation, displacement of indigenous populations, higher costs, lack of access to necessary resources — starvation, death, social unrest and rebellion… (‘Natural Capital and the Real End Game’, Sandy Krolick)