September 28, 2023

Coyotes In Maine Might Kill Several Tens of Thousands of Deer Per Year

This is how people are fed “news” these days. I thought I would jump on the band wagon. It doesn’t matter whether or not I can prove this statement. What matters, today anyway, is that I create an outrageous headline that people will run with. Most Internet users don’t read articles. They only consume headlines. It is proven that most users struggle to browse through 141 characters on Twitter.

The dishonest media, driven by the reality that they can’t survive without selling entertainment, figured this out quite awhile ago. That’s why Internet websites such as The Drudge Report do so well. If you haven’t been there before, it’s a one page website that contains mostly manufactured headlines, designed to grab your attention, not to entice you to read the article, but to run away with a headline that effects you and you can, in turn, effect, or perhaps infect, someone else.

Now that I know you haven’t read this article, you still don’t understand my headline.


Fox and Whine’s Whines

I have recently come to rename Fox News Channel’s morning show, Fox and Friends, as Fox and Whine. That name should be self explanatory because all they ever do is whine about the left. However of late, their whining about the left carries with it a certain degree of Second Grade excitement due to the results of the recent presidential selection.

But I did have to laugh this morning, as I listened to the blonde bimbo, interviewing somebody, the topic of which is irrelevant. Often I have heard anchors on Fox and Whine refer to “The Mainstream Media” and presenting it in such a way that one would think they were excluding themselves from that labeling.

But this morning, there was no doubt left as the bimbo spoke the term “Mainstream Media” to the interviewee, following the comment with an explanation that “there are three members of the Mainstream Media.” She didn’t name them, but obviously intended to mean ABC, CBS and NBC.

This is akin to a member of the United States Congress being interviewed and shitting on “Congress” for how terrible they are and how the public has a very low opinion of them…somehow putting him or herself on the high ground and above reproach.

Isn’t it easy to call and label others while exempting yourself? It is more a reflection of how most people support more and tougher laws, including more restrictions on our rights, believing they are not supporting any of them to effect them in any way.


There ought to be a law!!! Bwahahahahahahaha


The Fakers Who Fake Fake News (Propaganda) Trying to Fake Us All

*Editor’s Note* – Missing from this information is the fact that under the Obama Administration, when Congress, both republicans and democrats, passed the National Defense Authorization Act, they granted themselves permission to publish any and all propaganda without fear of any kind of punishment. It is only FAKE that the Senate, in the secrecy of the night, somehow is putting a stop to an act they are and have been doing for a very long time. I see all of this as simply a means to instill fear and further destroy our liberty of free speech. I have said for a very long time that as much of the perceived good we see in the Internet, there does exists those of us who will question and refute the official government narrative. This Government must find a way to stop that. This is one reason for the increase in propaganda about “Fake News.” Please open your eyes! Be aware of EVERYONE promoting and embellishing the “fear” of “Fake News.”

“The witch hunt for “fake news” and “Russian propaganda” has been kicked up a notch, after the House passed a bill quietly tucked inside the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, designed to crack down on free speech and independent media.”

“It is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called ‘fake news’ websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media’s proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration,” Global Research reported.”<<<Read More>>>(Note: please be forewarned that when I landed on the linked-to website, my computer was essentially hijacked due to excessive forced advertisement.)



New Black Central Station News Portal Launched

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research:

Black News and Views Hub Intended to Increase Understanding between Racial Groups

Washington, D.C.
– The National Center for Public Policy Research announces the launch of a new “news portal” website dedicated to increasing understanding between minority and majority comities in the United States and eliminating unnecessary, often politically-inspired, divisiveness.

The news portal, “Black Central Station,” consists of constantly-updated news and opinion sources relating to about, or from members of the black community within the United States.

The news portal will publish information and opinions without regard to their viewpoint, as long as the views do not endorse violence, promote libel, or are otherwise illegal or immoral.

“Recognizing that race relations in the United States are thought by many to have become strikingly worse in the last few years, we intend to help improve that by improving understanding,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research, which sponsors the website. “We see far too many instances in which people believe other people hold views that they simply do not hold, and resent them for it. One way out of this is to help everyone easily, efficiently and conveniently learn what their fellow Americans really are thinking.”

“In this post-election season, our nation seems more divided than it has in decades. We are seeing hate crimes against people of certain ethnicities and religions, and also against those who voted for a certain candidate. Two sides are demonizing each other and then responding defensively, with few finding middle ground,” said Jennifer Biddison, an editor for Black Central Station. “With Black Central Station, we aim to have all sides hear each other. We challenge everyone to listen and to empathize and to put themselves in the shoes of those who disagree with them. If you have never personally experienced racism, learn from first-hand accounts and empathize with those who have. If you can’t understand how anyone could have voted for a certain candidate, go beyond the extremist talking heads we often see in the media and try to understand other points of view. At Black Central Station, we are doing what we can to promote a diversity of black voices and foster understanding and discussion and open-mindedness. We will also draw attention to stories that Americans and members of the media may have missed elsewhere.”

“Americans won’t be unified if we aren’t part of the same conversation,” Ridenour concluded. “Some politicians and political groups have sought to benefit by driving Americans apart based on race and other circumstances of birth. It’s doubtful that these politicians benefited, excerpt perhaps just a few of them, and then only in the short run. We all benefit when, in the words of the late Rodney King, we just get along. That doesn’t mean agree. It means understand where each other is coming from, and respect everyone of good will.”

Black Central Station can be found online at

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors.


Congressional Review Of Copyright Law May Destroy Internet News Sources

He explained, “To have a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over, they’ve got the votes, which means time is limited,” he added, noting that a day was coming when simply operating an independent website could be outlawed. That will end [it] for me – fine – I’ve had a hell of a run,” said Drudge, adding that web users were being pushed into the cyber ‘ghettos’ of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

Drudge added, “This is ghetto, this is corporate, they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return – nothing!”

Source: Congressional Review Of Copyright Law May Threaten Drudge | The Daily Caller


More American Animal Perversion On Display

On Fox and Friends this morning, a woman who reads the headlines filed a report of the United States Coast Guard rescuing a yellow Labrador retriever from icy waters that evidently the dog had fallen through the ice and couldn’t get out. They rescued the dog. To my knowledge nobody was injured.

At the end of the segment, the news person makes this statement: “I’m so glad those men risked their lives to save the dog.” And, as I have been asked on more than one occasion this morning, it was not some kind of joke or sarcasm that humans shouldn’t risk their lives over dogs. This woman was visibly upset over the poor dog and obviously and carelessly (perversion) was expectant that these men should risk their lives to save a dog. Save the dog, human lives are expendable?


Editor’s That “Don’t Get It” Did You Say?

Oh my! It must be contagious. This morning I posted a featured story of how, no matter how many times someone has to explain a point to a newspaper editor, he/she just don’t get it and as such we can conclude that there is little reason to trust media as a source of intelligent, trustworthy information.

But here we go again. From a Maine television station website, a photo, with caption, appears in a short article on how Mainers can purchase lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.


Take note of the caption – “Maine’s deer population is bouncing back after several tough winters.” What does that mean and what is the editor attempting to say? Or maybe the editor just “don’t get it” and isn’t trying to say anything.

Assuming the editor is trying to make a point, one that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) has tried to run with for marketing purposes, that Maine’s deer herd is better than it was after two bad, back-to-back winters in 2008 and 2009, I don’t think two bad winters qualifies as several tough winters, when the three prior to the present one were pretty easy on deer. Perhaps the editor meant to say that the herd is recovering, or at least had been before this winter, after about 3 relatively mild winters. After all, MDIFW was even willing to admit that their hoped-for global warming is about the only thing that aided in any kind of deer recovery.

I would suppose that an editor who “got it” and had knowledge, or at least the time to put into the necessary effort, wouldn’t have made this mistake but then again, we are only human……right? That’s what it is, right?


IFW Hunting Report for September 27, 2013

Southern Lakes Region

In the southern region of the state, hunters are gearing up for pheasant season. Pheasant season begins on October 1, and over 2,300 pheasants will be released at 22 different sites in York and Cumberland County.

“If you are looking for an area to hunt, we have a list of release sites on our website,” said IFW Wildlife Biologist Cory Stearns, who recommended the Vern Walker and Scarborough Marsh Wildlife Management areas as good locations to hunt.

Hunters are reminded that you need to purchase a pheasant permit before going out to hunt pheasants in York and Cumberland Counties. The permit is available on the department’s website or wherever you purchase your license. Proceeds from the sale fund the pheasant program.

Turkey hunters are also looking forward to a successful season, new rules allow for a longer season (October 3 – November 1), and up to two turkeys this fall.

“The turkey population is doing really well throughout southern Maine, and I expect hunters to do very well this fall,” added Stearns.

Central and Midcoast Maine

In Central Maine, upland bird hunting means Frye Mountain Wildlife Management Area, a destination for many bird hunters.

“People fly in all the way from Germany to hunt Frye Mountain,” said IFW Wildlife Biologist Keel Kemper, “It should be a pretty good year at Frye because there are always birds there.”

Kemper did remind hunters that there was quite a lot of rain this spring and in early summer which has impacted grouse broods. There will be birds, but perhaps just not as many.

Of course, Central Maine is also “ground zero for wild turkeys” says Kemper. Central Maine and its robust turkey population supplied birds for much of the state’s reintroduction program, and hunters should have no problems finding birds this fall season.

Kemper said that waterfowl hunters may want to try Madawaska Bog in Palmyra. A strong wild rice year has that wildlife management area brimming with ducks.

“It’s socked with wild rice. There are lots of hiding spots for hunters, and lots of birds,” said Kemper, who said Ruffingham Meadow in Searsmont is also a good destination.

“I was pretty impressed with the quantity of teal and the quality of the rice,” said Kemper, “Wild rice is an annual, and it can be boom or bust, and this year seems to be exceptional.”

Downeast Region

Downeast, it looks like a good year for waterfowl and turkeys, but not quite as good for upland birds. IFW Wildlife Biologist Tom Schaeffer thinks it is going to be an average year for grouse hunters in the area.

“We had a cold and wet spring just about the time that birds would be hatching,” said Schaeffer, “Expectations for grouse season should be about average.”

However, Schaeffer noted that there has been spring conditions on rivers and streams right through the summer, creating favorable conditions for waterfowl hunters who like to jump shoot. There have also been quite a few hunters who are taking advantage of the early goose season, since there are “a favorable number of geese around.”

Turkey hunters will be able to hunt Wildlife Management District 28 this fall, and next spring, District 27 will be open.

“This time of year, we are seeing some small turkeys, which means they re-nested, most likely because the first nest failed,” said Schaeffer.

If you are looking for areas to hunt this fall, Schaeffer said to check out the Cobscook Wildlife Management area. There are ten units that make up the Cobscook WMA, and there are some really nice upland areas. Waterfowl hunters will want to check out the Lyle Frost WMA in Eastbrook, which has a nice, canoeable flowage.

Rangeley Lakes/Western Mountains Region

Up in the Western mountains area, things are looking good for the turkey season this fall.

“We have lots of turkeys, and plenty of excellent turkey hunting opportunities in our region,” said Hulsey, “I would grade it an ‘A’”

Hulsey added that brood counts were normal for waterfowl, and that while he doesn’t have a good feel for grouse, he has heard some encouraging news from others.

“I was out all day with a forester in the Rangeley area, and he said that he’s seen some pretty good numbers of birds,” said Hulsey. “Overall, I think it will be an average year for grouse, with some areas a little better than others.

Waterfowl hunters may want to check out Mercer Bog. While Hulsey said the middle of the day can be hit or miss, get there early or late for more action.

Moosehead Region

In the Moosehead region, leaves are starting to drop, which bodes well for upland hunters

“Even with what looks like below average nesting success, there are still a lot of grouse around,” said IFW wildlife biologist Doug Kane.

“People are seeing more grouse, which is more of a trend due to a growing grouse population,” said Kane. “We had a higher than average number going into the winter last year, and last year’s mild winter helped. Even with below average production this spring, there still are a lot of grouse around.”

Kane also noted that he has seen quite a few turkeys in the southern part of the region, and just as in other parts of the state, he is seeing a variety of sizes with the poults.

“There are several age classes of turkeys,” said Kane. “They have been re-nesting throughout the summer, and we have seen some real little ones.” Turkey hunters should concentrate their efforts in the southern part of the region, said Kane.

Penobscot Region

In the Penobscot region, even though you may have not seen many grouse, it may not be a cause for concern.

“Grouse numbers can be hard to determine,” said Mark Caron. “I haven’t seen much for broods, but that’s not uncommon, it’s a good food year, and I have been flushing birds now and then.”

“I have heard from foresters and others who haven’t been seeing many, but I have heard that in past years too, and then once the leaves drop, the grouse appear and it turns out to be a good year,” says Caron.

If you are interested in turkey hunting, WMD 18 will be open for turkey hunting this fall, and Caron says there are plenty of turkeys around.

Turkey hunters should try the Page Farm unit of the Mattawamkeag River System WMA. Caron says the department has done a lot of work in that WMA such as creating early successional forest areas, planting food plots, freeing apple trees, cutting habitat strips and improving three miles of roads.

Duck hunters may want to try the Mud Pond WMA or the Pond Farm WMA. Still a little early for good goose hunting in the region as there is still standing corn in many fields.

Aroostook Region

It’s moose season up north, and this week’s cool weather has moose moving around, and hunters are happy.

IFW wildlife biologist Rich Hoppe said one hunter downed a very large bull, tipping the scales at 1,070 pounds, and had a spread of 62 inches. Hoppe said the Gateway check station in Ashland had two or three other moose that were over 1,000 pounds. Business has been brisk, with hunters registering 75 moose on Tuesday.

Goose hunters are doing well this early season up north. Hoppe notes that waterfowl hunting in the county “is one of the gems of the county. Very few people take part in it, but it can be outstanding.” Hoppe suggests hunting at Lake Josephine or the Christina Reservoir in Easton.

As for upland birds, Hoppe says “It has rained a lot, but I think it is going to be above average. I have seen a few birds while I was out, and I have seen good numbers of woodcock already.” Hoppe suggests the North Maine Woods as a destination for upland hunters.

“I don’t know if there is any place that has as good a habitat as the North Maine Woods,” says Hoppe. “The stewardship is excellent for upland birds, and there are a couple of million acres open to bird hunting. There is nothing else like it in the country.”


NEWS: “a report of a recent event; intelligence; information”

Um……I don’t think so.



New Website Serves All Sportsmen

(Columbus) – To help and educate all hunters, anglers, trappers, recreational shooters, and persons with an interest in the great outdoors and conservation, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance has launched “The Sportsmen’s Daily”—a new website covering all things outdoors. The new site focuses on issues and news around the nation and is updated frequently.

The site focuses on legislative issues insight and reports which sportsmen and women nationwide expect from the USSA. The site also includes information on USSA collaborative projects and programs (such as Trailblazer and Families Afield), and features cutting-edge news in the shooting sports and angling industries.

Visitors can also search the website for blogs that provide perspectives on Protecting What’s Right, and insider views on where legislation is—or could be headed—in the nation’s and states’ capitals. From time to time the website features special deals on gear and keen insight from the pro staff and manufacturers who comprise the important USSA Outdoor Business Council.

But it also includes many useful features to help you enter the field. An interactive map will take visitors to active and current weather reports, game laws, and regional information. Short videos will entertain and educate visitors on a wide variety of outdoors topics. The new website also provides a quick link to sign up for the USSA’s popular Sentry program and makes getting involved with USSA watchdog efforts easier.

“The Sportsmen’s Daily” offers a searchable database where you can determine what has been happening in your state. The popular “Eye-on-the Antis” articles continue to expose the methods and tactics of radical anti-hunting and anti-trapping groups.

The best news is that The Sportsmen’s Daily can be delivered to your computer each morning much like the newspapers of yesteryear landed on your door step. Use your mouse to make this your home page and to help you make accurate decisions on what action to take—or what to pursue that day.

Take a tour at