April 2, 2023

Cathedral of Notre Dame: Icon of Satan

Yesterday I received a comment from someone who told me that I should be careful what I say about the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France burning. Part of that comment also included a statement that I shouldn’t attack or offend people who may choose this “place of worship.” Of course there was no specificity as to exactly what a someone might be choosing to worship in this place.

However, it is one thing to make statements, which I have in the past, about the Vatican being headed and operated by Satan himself, but for the life of me, I fail miserably in understanding how any person, by their own free will, can enter a building adorned with statues, carvings, and sculptures of images that only represent Satan and nothing that resembles the Almighty Creator or the Savior who offers eternal life.

One cannot stand in silence and not attempt to point out to the blind what is plainly before their face. As a matter of fact, it is a commandment of Yahweh that I must speak up and point out what is obvious to the Elect but covered by Strong Delusion to the many.

A friend pointed out the Words of Yahweh to me in Ezekiel 3. Here is verse 18: “When I shall say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die, and thou givest not him warning, nor speakest to admonish the wicked of his wicked way, that he may live, the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity: but his blood will I require at thine hand.”

If you do not know what I am speaking of about the Satanic icons, in particular the gargoyles of the Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, just follow this link and you can see images of all of them. For me, most disturbing is the one of a Satanic carving administering oral sex.

Surely this cannot be representative of the House of Yahweh. Where are your heads? What has become of you? What adorns (physically and spiritually) your choice of places to “worship?”

If I were Yahweh, I would burn that building to the ground as well.

Many of these images and other Scriptures were previously posted under the comment section in yesterday’s Open Thread. Thank you.

Leviticus 26:30“I will also destroy your high places, and cut away your images, and cast your carcasses upon the bodies of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.”

I’m pointing out to you the risk that you may surely “die” (spiritually).


Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame…GONE!

Here is a photo of the event. I will refrain from the comments I would like to make and just say, It’s only brick and mortar.