June 5, 2023

Emily Got Her Gun But She Has No Right

EmilyMillerWhile at times it appears as though advances are being made to bring the Second Amendment back to an actual right, I have to question whether this is real progress or merely the Powers that are in control, allowing, thus creating the privilege to “Keep and Bear Arms”.

If the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights actually existed in the form that most of us have been taught, then, like other amendments and bills of rights, it wouldn’t contain the vast number of so-called “reasonable restrictions”. It is my opinion that when restrictions, whether deemed reasonable or unreasonable, are placed on actual rights, i.e. God-given rights (self defense), then man has co-opted, yes, stolen, that right and turned it into a privilege.

In most recent years, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) told us in Heller v District of Columbia, that the Second Amendment was an individual “right” to keep and bear arms. In that ruling and as part of Justice Scalia’s Majority Opinion, he stated that the Second Amendment was a guaranteed right of an individual to keep and bear arms. He further made note that the ruling had nothing to do with “reasonable” restrictions. Therefore, the lie became that the Second Amendment was not a right at all but a privilege disguised as a right.

We saw and heard mostly the same thing in NRA v. City of Chicago, where it was “unconstitutional” for the City of Chicago to prohibit the ownership of guns in the city. The SCOTUS basically said the City of Chicago didn’t have complete authority to deny the “right” to keep and bear arms. Nothing in both cities has really changed which reinforces the fact that gun ownership is a privilege, completely controlled by government. A right cannot be controlled by man. It just isn’t a right anymore.

As an example of the bureaucratic nonsense a United States Citizen must go through, I have been sort of following the story of Emily Miller, a journalist who went to the government officials in the District of Columbia to obtain a permit to carry a gun. It was pointed out often that it was next to impossible to get such a permit because anyone seeking a permit had to show a “legitimate” cause for needing one. Mind you the legitimacy is determined, not by what the Second Amendment says, but by the dictates of the chief of police, and we can only guess where his marching orders come from.

This morning I was watching the news and there was an update on Miller’s application process, that had taken well over a year…so far. She received a provisional permit, in which it then becomes valid after the completion of 16 or 18 hours of “training”. The training of course MUST be only that which is approved by and/or done by the District of Columbia.

Because the “reasonable restrictions” are so great, only 76 citizens have applied for a permit; 16 have been approved. Pathetic! An applicant must show that their life has been threatened by what the police deem to be a legitimate threat.

This is no RIGHT! We are being lied to and the Supreme Court’s rulings are a joke. Call the rulings what you wish and convince yourself it’s all good, but United States Citizens DO NOT have a “RIGHT” to keep and bear arms. If you possess a gun or guns, it is only because the Corporation allows you, so far, to do that.

Don’t kid yourself.