January 29, 2023

Nuisance Bear Hot Spots in Maine

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) provided followers on Facebook with a map that shows locations around the state that they deem to be “Nuisance Bears Hot Spots.” The comments left by followers range from ignorant to showing side effects of total lobotomized brains.

According to the majority of those who left comments, the solution to “nuisance bears” is to kill humans. But that’s nothing new. Animal perverts are animal perverts because they hate humans and prefer animals for all their pleasures in life.

But there was one comment that was so completely ridiculous, someone would have to actually think about what would be the biggest lie they could tell….Nah, I change my mind. That would actually require a brain. This person has none. It’s nothing but nonsensical, emotional drivel – the result of romance biology and Voodoo environmentalism. Here’s what they said: “…there use to be 100 times more bears only half a century ago and now they are actually at a low population because mankind built cities, harvested forests, and hunted them down. This is the truth and not an illusion of public safety, if at all they should be fearing us for being the cruelest living beings on earth.”

We see the hatred toward mankind along with delusional babbling from someone incapable of any sort of rational thinking. According to the MDIFW, bears range in numbers from 24,000 to 36,000. If 50 years ago there were, “100 times more bears,” then Maine had between 2,400,000 and 3,600,000 bears. Not only is that biologically an impossibility, it is an utterly ridiculous statement to make. According to another website, there’s barely over 500,000 black bears in the United States and that includes the estimated 200,000 in Alaska.

50 years ago, I was a teenager living in the rural countryside of Western Maine. I was in the woods as often as I could be and began hunting before the age of 10. I can honestly tell you that Maine did not have 3 million bears. As a matter of fact, also according to MDIFW (not human haters) the estimated bear population of Maine in 1955, 61 years ago, was between 5,000 and 7,000 bears. In 1975, 41 years ago, the estimated bear population was between 7,000 and 10,000 bears – a far cry from the “100 times” bears spoken of above.

Due to the lack of bear management, it is said that around 1,900 most of the bears in Southern Maine were gone, leaving bears to roam only in Northern Maine in limited numbers. Once a management plan was put into place, based upon the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, Maine now sees 24,000 – 36,000 bears statewide. With this kind of continued growth, I fail to see how man is doing anything else but responsibly managing the animals.

Instead of hating on man and call for his mass murder so animals can live without man’s influence, perhaps some of these fools should do a little bit of reading and research to discover some truth for a change. As much as these animal perverts don’t want to recognize it, both men and animals have always shared this planet and always will. Pretending that somehow man can be erased from the equation (which prompts me to ask just what species it is these people think they are) probably isn’t going to work.

For the most part, men have done a remarkable job of preserving animal species – in some cases perhaps too much so. Get over it and get on with life.

Geez! I can tell you for a fact (wink, wink) that there are 100 times more ignorant people today than a half-century ago!


In Colorado, The Call to Control Humans Not Bears

Further proof that Americans are living in a totalitarian socialist state and that animals are more important than people and the lifestyles they choose to live, people cry out for more control over humans so animals can be protected at all costs.

In Colorado, bears are a problem. This year it is being blamed on a shortage of natural food. However, authorities admit there are too many bears…period. If we lived in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, we’d go kill some bears and bring the population back down to manageable levels for public health and safety. But that doesn’t fly with the totalitarians who hate rural America, the heritage that goes with it and the common sense of letting people protect their property and safety. This is insanity in full force.

In Glenwood Springs, Colorado totalitarians are calling for further restrictions on humans. No that’s not a misprint. I said humans. Because there are too many bears, fines should be levied against anyone who allows a bear to come on their property looking for food. If the homeowner isn’t complying with all the ridiculous gestapoesque regulations, they get fined. Humans must seriously alter their lifestyles and pay fines to protect an animal species that authorities say there are too many of them. How does any of this make sense?

Evidently the program that city officials implemented isn’t working out so some are suggesting turning enforcement over to the police department.

Hey, idiots. You have a bear problem. Why don’t you just run the people out of town or force them into intern camps and let the bears have their way? That is your goal isn’t it?

One city council member suggested that what should be done is a repeal of the bear hunting ban. I’m sure that will not go over well because totalitarian idiots love their bears.

And all the while this is going on, in Maine, the Humane Society of the United States is allow to lie through their teeth about what is going on in states like Colorado that banned bear hunting like these fascists want to do in Maine. HSUS goes unchallenged. HSUS has filed a lawsuit in Maine to stop the fish and game department from opposing the referendum, saying it’s unethical. How about a counter lawsuit to stop HSUS from lying repeatedly. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lying is readily acceptable these days. The end justifies the means.

So long as we continue on down the road of mythology, that we NEED “reasonable” regulations and restrictions, compromising our existence for the sake of animals, there is little hope.

Nothing to see here. Move on. More important things to be seen on your smart phones and eyepads.



Colorado Continues to Have Issues With Too Many Bears

As I have pointed out numerous times, the Humane Society of the United States and all other bear/predator protectors, lie to the public and tell them that in states where bear hunting and the use of bait have been banned, there are no issues with overgrown populations of bears. This simply is not true.

And just like the stupid claim to “look big” when encountering a bear, continued bear attacks, nuisance bears and deaths caused by too many bears and denying and lying about it, just isn’t going to work.

One person who lives in Florida and summers in Aspen, Colorado opines that killing nuisance bears in Aspen isn’t the right thing to do because she likes to “observe bear behavior.” Seriously, what’s natural about observing a bear licking out some plastic food container while ass-up in a dumpster? Precious!

Also in Colorado a man driving his motorcycle gets run into by a bear and the man dies. There are no bear problems in Colorado due to the fact the animals are not hunted. Just keep telling yourself that and don’t forget to look big just before a bears decides he doesn’t like the look of your face.


13 Dead Bears in July Alone in One Colorado Zone

Another problem bear entered a house in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and did some breaking. Contrary to the lies perpetrated by extremist animal protection groups like the Humane Society of the United States, banning of bear hunting over bait has caused bear populations to grow out of control. According to this one report, there have been 13 bears killed due to being a nuisance in just the month of July in only one zone.



“All Black Bears in Steamboat Springs Are a Problem”

Animals rights liars tell people that in states that have banned bear baiting and trapping, bears are not a problem. They often cite Colorado as a great example of that. Maybe that lie is coming home to roost.

““We’ve had four home invasions in one night,” Haskins said.

“I’ve never seen that.”

(emphasis added)

“People who live in bear country are encouraged to keep windows and doors that can be accessed to a bear closed.” (forced lifestyle change)

“an incident Sunday in Aspen served as a reminder that black bears are wild animals, and they can be unpredictable.”<<<Read More>>>


Bear News

With the upcoming Fourth of July long weekend, more and more people will be outside, camping, hiking, picnicking, etc. In New Hampshire, officials are warning people to be aware of an awful lot of bears. And officials say bear sightings and encounters with humans began early this year.

In Nova Scotia, where officials claim auto collisions with bears are rare, more and more are happening every year. This year they say it is because of a baby bear boom. Must be those “millions of pounds” of junk food being dumped in the Maine forests.


Connecticut Considering a “Controlled” Bear Hunt?

With first year bear cubs staring at a survival rate of 80%, the bear population, with no real predator except man, is growing out of control in some places. In a report found today about Connecticut bears and the number of problem calls received by fish and game officials, it states that, “The University of Connecticut is currently conducting a study to pinpoint the exact population of bears in the state, which is the to close to 700. This data will be used to revisit the prospect of a controlled bear hunt.”


Bear Enters Home Where Police Shoot it With Shotgun

Due to what appears to have been a faulty doorknob, a bear entered an Alaska home where the homeowners were inside. Police arrived and blasted the bear twice with a shotgun. The bear ran off and died.<<<Read More>>>


“Black Bears Happen to be Very Dangerous”

““Bears come out of hibernation looking for food. This one didn’t seem too scared of any of the individuals there,” Summers said Friday, adding that the bear eventually moved on.”<<<Read More>>>


Too Many Bears: Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up?

“Since the cancellation of the hunt in 1999 by the PC government of former premier Mike Harris, the black bear population has significantly increased, Rivard says, and nuisance complaints have skyrocketed.

Bears in backyards, bending saplings. Bears in garages or plaguing municipal dumps. And whatever the numbers, they are probably on the low side, he says.

Since not much tends to happen when complaints are lodged, other perhaps than a warning by the Ministry of Natural Resources to hide garbage and barbeques away more diligently, some people in the north have stopped complaining.

“There’s almost an underground movement — ‘shoot, shovel and shut up,’ ” he says. “That means people are taking care of the problem themselves. And that’s a terrible form of wildlife management.”

With the growth in population, bears have been forced to find new turf. “One of the markers of growing populations of any species is expanded range,” he continues. “We know by that alone that the bear population has increased.””<<<Read More>>>