March 20, 2023

Polar Bear Populations Healthy and Growing

Among the many stupid things President George W. Bush did during his two terms in office, the one “environmental” issue that stood out was when he and his administration decided to act irresponsibly and trust the computer modeling on climate change and list the polar bear as a “threatened” species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

To the rational world, it has now been pretty much decided that Al Gore’s trumped up man-made global warming is a farce, a scam and a real con job, bordering on criminal. Few disagree that our climate is changing but with gigantic distractions that Gore and his minions have created over the years, it has taken away from sound scientific research that will help us better and more quickly understand all things that factor into the equation of climate science.

The Bush Administration’s flawed and politically driven decision to list polar bears, which at the time reflected a population that was near record high levels, was all based on computer models that have basically a zero percent accuracy rate. Why anyone would trust these models is beyond rational thought, leaving us to conclude that the modeling is only for driving public opinion and promoting agendas.

At the time that the Bush Administration decided that global warming was so bad that polar bears would die in the near future (May 2008), the indoctrinated scientists promoting the evils of man and our destruction of the planet, predicted that by 2011 the number of polar bears in the Hudson Bay region would continue to drop from around 900 to 600. Doom and gloom!

We’ve passed 2011 and after the Nunavut Government Wildlife Management Department did a recent aerial count of the same doom and gloom Hudson Bay polar bears, they’ve estimated that population to be over one thousand.

We’re all going to die!