December 3, 2023

Diversity Fraud

Today I learned that the University of Wisconsin – Stout has removed two paintings from a central area on the campus stating that, “…students just couldn’t take the trauma of seeing a bygone era.” Also part of the group of idiots responsible for the obvious censorship, resulting in the destruction of history – evidently we only learn history that makes us “feel” good – is the Diversity Leadership Team. The Diversity Leadership Team promoted their support for removing the paintings by suggesting that such paintings perpetuated racial stereotyping.

You can read about some of this at Pajamas Media.

However, last evening I turned on the television. I decided to check out what was going on in Brazil where sports are being played. (Note: Out of fear of violating trademarked names and hashtags, I hope I have given enough information so that you know what I’m talking about.)

Men’s basketball was being played between the United States and Venezuela. I generally do not watch the game, for various reasons, and in particular refuse to watch any basketball involving professional performers from the National Basketball Association.

The game itself did not interest me. What did interest me was, in the context of the above story about diversity and racial stereotyping, that the USA men’s basketball team, comprised of 12 players, were all black. Not one white guy on the team as a player.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a crybaby that concerns myself with racial stereotyping and diversity. But, those crybabies, as we have seen above, and the millions of other crybabies who scream racial discrimination, racial diversity and stereotyping, isn’t it the epitome of all those things that the United States of America would select an all black basketball team to represent the country in the sporting games in Brazil?

Personally, for whatever it’s worth, for purposes of such events, the best team should represent the country and it matters not what color they are. What is absolutely ridiculous is that for those wanting to censor art and history because it might make somebody not feel very good, or out of fear of suggesting racial stereotyping, somebody sure did a piss poor job in fielding a “diverse” men’s basketball team. I’m sure there must be those that don’t “feel” very good that whites are excluded from the team.

Where’s the diversity in the diversity? Would there be the same acceptance of an all white team as there has been for this all black team?

I wonder.