February 28, 2020

Farmers’ Markets Oppress Minorities?

If things continue as they are now, “white” people will become a minority. Does that mean “white” people will be oppressed or that oppression will disappear?


Playing With Balls



Overreaching Federal Government Makes Strong Men Weak

*Editor’s Note* – I read yesterday a reader’s comment that said, “that the government is your servant and not you its servant.” Perhaps it is time for more and more of us to shed the fear of government and force government to serve us. We were warned for generations that we should NEVER fear the government and that when that time comes, we are doomed.

“I saw tears in the eyes of ranchers. These were tough men; men who could scrape a good living out of the rock and tumbleweeds in the harsh imgresNew Mexico deserts. But when asked about passing on the ranch to their children, a ranch that may have been in the family for generations, eyes grew moist, jaws quivered, and grown men became so choked up they couldn’t speak.

Carolyn Nelson, who teaches kindergarten through third grade in a one-room school house in Catron County, New Mexico, while her husband handles their ranch, held the camera crew spellbound as she told her story. She stated: “The federal government has taken away jobs; they’ve taken away hope. Shame on them.””<<<Read More>>>


Obamacare Creates Proud, Lazy, Losers

During a disastrous press conference Tuesday, Carney was defending ObamaCare from claims that it was lessening work hours. Carney was making the argument that Americans would be “empowered” to work less, since the President’s signature law lowers the number of hours a person must work in order to receive coverage. According to Carney, the law isn’t killing jobs; it’s allowing Americans the freedom to opt out of working.

It’s not anything but an added choice that they have that allows them more freedom, to use a certain buzzword. More choice.<<<Read More>>>



Stay Out You Peasant Filth

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Ted Cruz’s Father Gives Speech

This video of a speech by Ted Cruz’s father is interesting on many levels.