December 6, 2022

Employer of Utah Man Mauled by Bear Could Face $15K in Fines

To make sure I understand this correctly, I’m guessing, because the article is unclear, that the man killed by the bear was an employee of Nature’s Capital? OSHA is saying that the man killed by bears was working in an “unsafe” environment and so is suing Nature’s Capital $15,000?

Try to make sense out of this. I’ll take a stab here and guess that Nature’s Capital is an environmental company that promotes the growth and protection of all natural resources, including bears – but on the website it doesn’t list bears as one of their “projects.”

The company chooses not to make sure this dead man had a chance to protect himself? Or, was it the dead man’s choice NOT to protect himself? Regardless, it appears OSHA believes the company should have, didn’t and thus did not provide a safe work environment.

OSHA is an agency of the Federal Government; the same Federal Government that protects and grows things like bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc. Are the Feds using their predator protection policies as a cash cow? Are they purposefully protecting large predators to kill people so lawsuits can be filed and money made? None of this makes much sense, but then again this is government at work.

Have we now convinced enough people that large predators are “harmless” and if the “very rare” event happens, where a human encounters a bear, wolf or mountain lion, just “look big” and “make noise” and everything will be alright, so that people will go hiking thinking protection isn’t needed?

Isn’t the Federal Government, in part anyway, responsible in all of this, instead of threatening to sue? Didn’t they help to create this stupid monster?

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) | An Idaho company is facing a proposed $15,000 in fines after its 31-year-old employee Adam Stewart was killed in a Teton Wilderness bear mauling.

Source: Employer of Utah Man Mauled by Bear Could Face $15K in Fines