March 28, 2023

30 Best Outdoor Life Bear Attack Covers

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Take Outdoor Life’s 2014 Whitetail Survey

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BLM in Cahoots with The Humane Society of the United States

Note: It’s always great when fellow outdoor writers begin to “get it” and understand what some of us have known for years and yet often scoffed at and demonized for pointing out the obvious. Yes, non governmental agencies have been used by the United States Government for decades to achieve their political goals – spelled corruption. Geez! This is one of the biggest reasons why real hunters and trappers refuse to acknowledge anything that any of the environmental, anti hunting, anti human organizations like the Humane Society of the United States do. Ignorant, pseudo, outdoor people/writers are eager to “compromise” and “reach across the aisle” to these groups, especially when they present fake programs in order to lure ignorant people to support their actions and programs. Never! Thank you Outdoor Life for joining in to help expose these fraudulent and corrupt unions against hunting, fishing and trapping.

From Outdoor Life:

“That’s right, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service communications that reads like a partnership agreement with the most rabid anti-hunting organization in the world.”<<<Read More>>>


Outdoor Life National Deer Forecast 2013

“Fairy Tales can come true, it could happen to you, when your”…….gullible enough to believe what “they” tell you.

Click this link and be taken to Outdoor Life (beware the multiple pop-up ads that are sure to ruin your online experience.) where you’ll find a map. Click on your state to discover the lies, I mean the deer hunting outlook, more than likely provided by the state’s fish and game departments.