February 2, 2023

First Ever Muslim Named to Intelligence Committee

“Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced in a closed-door meeting Tuesday she would name the first Muslim lawmaker to the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”<<<Read More>>>


Obama Gives Pelosi The Pope’s Rosary

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 2, 2014 (LifeSiteNews.com) – During their first-ever meeting last week, Pope Francis gave President Barack Obama a blessed rosary. Yesterday, Obama gave that rosary to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is perhaps the first person ever to receive a papal sacramental and Planned Parenthood’s highest award in one week.

Obama gave the prayer beads to the House Minority Leader, an outspoken opponent of the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion and homosexuality, after they lunched together on Tuesday.<<<Read More>>>


For Pelosi It’s: “Beware the Poison Cup”

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke said that Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion because her support of abortion is in conflict of her Catholic faith. <<<Read More>>>