May 28, 2023

PETA Gone Crackers


Monkey Can’t Own Copyright To His Selfie, Federal Judge Says


There’s “no indication” that the Copyright Act extends to animals, U.S. District Judge William Orrick wrote in a tentative opinion issued Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco.

“I’m not the person to weigh into this. This is an issue for Congress and the president,” Orrick said from the bench, according to Ars Technica. “If they think animals should have the right of copyright they’re free, I think, under the Constitution, to do that.”

Source: Monkey Can’t Own Copyright To His Selfie, Federal Judge Says | Maine Public Broadcasting


PETA Sues — Give Monkey Rights to His Selfies

*Editor’s Note* – If a monkey has rights, SUE THE SON-OF-A-BITCH! He stole a camera and caused high levels of stress on a human!

So, a monkey steals a man’s camera and snaps photographs – at least some of them of the monkey. PETA is suing on behave of the monkey saying that those photos are “the intellectual property” of the monkey. Nothing gets more perverted than this.

First, PETA thinks an animal should have the same rights as humans. But how can that be? Read the excerpt below, only to discover the utter nonsense and unbelievable ignorance exemplified by a group of brainless perverts.

PETA is seeking “monetary damages.” What damages? Has the monkey’s life been altered in some way, even if you choose to project human traits on a damned animal? And what about the man who had his camera stolen? Has he no rights? Was he damaged?

PETA want to stop the “sale or publication” of all the photos and declares themselves the monkey’s “friend” who will “manage the copyright of the photos.” Nothing sinister here. Move along.

And get this. The perverted “friends” of the monkey – who, by the way, would much prefer a lifetime supply of bananas…oh wait, it already does – will manage the money and use that money “for the benefit of Naruto[monkey’s name] and his community.”

Isn’t this forced socialism? How does PETA know that this monkey, who should experience the same rights as you and I, wants any of his possible wealth shared with “his community.” Maybe the hairy beast doesn’t even want to belong to PETA’s perceived community, least of all give it any money. Therefore, the monkey should provide a sworn and signed affidavit stating his intentions; how not owning the rights to his pictures has caused “damage” and that it is his intention to let PETA take his money and “spread the wealth.”

After all, if this monkey is of the high enough level of conscientiousness to know someone else has his “intellectual property,” then surely the monkey can speak for him/herself and do just as he/she damned well please with the money.

And as a final note, if this monkey is entitled to what PETA claims it is and for the reasons they say it is, then for crissakes charge the monkey with theft and sue the little barstard!

PETA is demanding “monetary damages as well as an injunction banning the sale or publication” of the photos, as well as permission “as ‘next friend’ to Naruto . . . to manage the copyright of the photos, license them for commercial use, and use 100 percent of the proceeds for the benefit of Naruto and his community.”

Source: PETA Sues — Give Monkey Rights to His Selfies | National Review Online


PETA Loses Last-Minute Bid to Block DC-Area Urban Bowhunting

*Editor’s Note* – The quote below from PETA says that “human beings” must recognize that animals have the same rights. That might be so, and in time “human beings,” especially those who have been completely brainwashed, probably will place animals on a higher pedestal than themselves. However, a MAN knows better.

In addition, take notice of the bureaucratic, utter nonsense a person has to go through in order to hunt deer with a bow. BS to appease the morons who want to protect those animals until they present even more problems.

“We are extremely disappointed by the ruling and deeply saddened about the fate of the deer, who are Montgomery County’s gentle Cecils. The day will come when human beings must recognize that wild animals have a right to live on their ancestral lands and not be forced out and slaughtered simply for living as they have for generations.”

Source: PETA Loses Last-Minute Bid to Block DC-Area Urban Bowhunting : The Outdoor Wire


PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated

According to ABC, Nicolah Donovan, president of Lawyers for Animals, said “it is conceivable that verbal abuse of an extreme nature against an animal, whether it be human, sheep or otherwise, could constitute an act of violence,” (Conceivable how?) Lynda Stoner, CEO of a local animal-rights association, said even using the wrong tone of voice could hurt the animals.

Source: PETA’s Complaint of ‘Verbal Abuse’ Against Sheep Was Actually Investigated | National Review Online



PETA accuses federal agency of sanctioning loophole in law

The group says exceptions[to the Endangered Species Act] are being granted for donations as low as $500 to conservation groups.
Source: PETA accuses federal agency of sanctioning loophole in law – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram


Idiocy Begets Idiocy

“The Portland Sea Dogs will not be serving Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster at Hadlock Field concession stands this season, according to a press release Monday from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

David Byer, a spokesman for PETA, said the organization contacted the Sea Dogs during the 2014 season, showing team officials video footage of lobsters and crabs being processed at Bean’s Rockland plant in “crude and cruel methods.” He said PETA was told earlier this month of the team’s decision to stop selling the product.”<<<Read More>>>

Instead, let’s promote the practice of “crude and cruel methods” of murdering unborn babies, by ripping their legs and arms off while still alive, sticking needles in their heads or sucking them apart with a vacuum cleaner. PETA thinks that ripping live lobsters apart is “crude and cruel.” And yet I doubt they even consider the same treatment of humans as crude and cruel.

PETA is a fringe group of perverted freaks and so what does that say about the owners of the Portland Sea Dogs? If they intend to honor the perverse ideologue of PETA then I would have to seriously consider whether I would ever attend another Sea Dogs baseball game.


Washington State Considers Criminalizing Holding Whales and Dolphins in Aquariums

Strategy Follows PETA’s Failed Litigation Campaign to Free Whales from “Bondage”

New York, NY/Washington DC – Washington state Senator Kevin Ranker introduced a bill last week to make it a crime, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $100,000 fine, to hold whales, dolphins or porpoises, known as cetaceans, in aquariums.

The following is a statement by Jeff Stier, head of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Risk Analysis Division:

Radical animal activists don’t believe that humans should own animals or keep them in captivity, even for public educational purposes, even in tremendously large habitats.

When SeaWorld announced last year that it would double the size of its orca tanks to 10 million gallons, PETA attorney Jared Goodman issued a statement opposing the move, saying “A bigger prison is still a prison.” To Mr. Goodman and his anti-aquarium allies, all orcas, even those bred in captivity, should be “reunited” with their families in the open ocean.

PETA’s 2015 legislative approach, radical as it is, is certainly gaining more traction than its 2011 litigation strategy. Then, PETA filed suit in federal court in Southern California seeking to declare that SeaWorld’s whales are being held in slavery in violation of the 13th Amendment. The failed litigation sought a court-ordered release of the whales “from bondage.” CNN reported that the suit sought ‘a permanent order against holding them in slavery, as well as appointment of a legal guardian to carry out the transfer of the whales to a suitable habitat.’

Much of the impetus for the Washington state legislation under consideration, and similar bans that passed last year in New York state and San Francisco, was the advocacy film “Blackfish,” which aired nearly thirty times on CNN. CNN’s director of public relations, Jennifer Dargan, conceded to me that the film was “acquired” by the news organization and did not adhere to any of CNN’s journalistic standards.

Activists have recently blamed Walmart for obesity, SeaWorld for animal suffering and Uber for high transportation costs. The truth is, those who oppose the private sector economy and consumer choice will find villains regardless of the facts.

Jeffrey Ventre, who was fired from his job as a whale trainer at SeaWorld and has since enjoyed the limelight from his appearance in “Blackfish,” crowed that the recent legislation is the “proverbial writing on the wall” for an end to cetaceans in aquariums.

Ultimately, the radical animal activist agenda goes well beyond ending human interaction with animals outside of the wild – and zoos and aquariums as we know them. Some of these activists, who hold that animals aren’t property to be owned by humans, argue that we shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

As one commenter on Twitter put it, “I see a Pixar’s ‘WALL-E’-type world looming in the near future.”
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DeBlasio: PETA’s Freak Man of the Year!

He kills groundhogs, causes the death of New York City policemen and does all he can to force people to do things they don’t want to do, but he and PETA are evidently whore and pimp – together as one!

“Don’t feel bad, Bill de Blasio. It’s true that New York’s Finest hate your stinking commie guts, but PETA still loves you:”<<<Read More>>>


De Blasio is Worse Than a Horses A$$ettes

*Editor’s Note* – Upon further investigation, I have discovered that the real reason that New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, wants to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city has nothing to do with how horses are treated. No, it has been discovered that people are having a difficult time differentiating between de Blasio and a pile of horse excrement left behind by the horses.


“You can now mark down PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, though my own personal PETA chapter stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”) as part of the Democratic Party establishment whose demands must now be met. Back on January 1 of this year I noted that New York’s incoming Sandinista Mayor Bill DeBlasio was promising to shut down New York’s horse-drawn carriages—not because of horse dung or other remote public health threat (that would have made sense 100 years ago), but because the PETAmatons believe harnessing a horse violates human rights, or something.”<<<Read More>>>