March 24, 2023

Counting The Days Until Spring

It’s really not been much of a winter across most of the United States, except Alaska. Even still, with the days inching along getting a bit longer each day and the sun edging its way higher into the sky, anything of bright colors spurs us on for the passage into spring. But not everyone is subjected to winter in the classic sense.

Florida has been a warm winter as well, but added warmth during the winter in Florida doesn’t mean less snow it means more days at the beach and more time spent in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops. “Livin’ on sponge cake. Watchin’ the sun bake. All of those tourists covered in oil.”

As the sun came up this morning over the eastern horizon, I took note of one of the pots of flowers scattered around the yard. What caught my eye was one pot of brilliant red petunias, dancing in a light southeast breeze.

I grabbed my little PHD (push here dummy) camera, grabbed a couple shots and here’s one of them.

Photo by Tom Remington Click on image for a larger view.