April 1, 2015

Field & Stream Wants to Know How Much a Poached Buck is Worth

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4 Passed Out Idiots, 4 Dead Deer in One Mini Cooper

Update: Operation Something Bruin

Back in April of this year, I went against my normal self-imposed censorship of reporting on poaching cases and shared with readers what appeared, in my eyes, to be abuse by law enforcement, entrapment, corruption and a display of practicing one’s profession above the rule of law. Here’s an update.

“…a federal jury determined the first three men on trial were not guilty of any felony charges.”
“…the officers could soon be the ones in the hot seat, accused of breaking laws to make their case.”
“A News 13 investigation in May of this year found North Carolina wildlife officer Chad Arnold killed two bears and a Georgia officer shot two others.”
“News 13 found Arnold[law enforcement] killed one bear in Georgia while he was alone in the woods and another undersized cub in North Carolina, which is illegal.”
“Southard testified he gave Arnold permission to kill bears in order to make cases against the hunters.”<<<Read More>>>

If It’s So Easy to See and Hunt Bears Why Do Poachers Bait Them?

As a rule I do not cover game poaching stories. I’ll let you figure out why. Unless of course the poaching involves some extreme or extenuating circumstances of interest other than a bunch of brain dead morons killing game for money or perhaps other perverse reasons.

There’s an opinion piece published in the Montana Standard about the need for harsher penalties for poaching but in that article, as was brought to my attention, is an interesting bit of unintended(?) commentary.

Three men are being charged with poaching at least nine black bears. However, all the killing took place as the men allegedly used “bait” to lure the bears in and make the kill. In Maine, as we have seen in many other places in the United States, perverted animal rights mental midgets claim that it is just as easy to hunt bears without bait as with bait. Understanding that poachers are a breed just slightly above that of any politician and of anyone who thinks animals have rights, and who probably couldn’t care less about whether they had their hunting licenses taken away or not (like making a law believed to stop criminals from having a gun), are more or less inclined to be lazy, good for nothings. Therefore, the bait?

But then again, if a poacher actually had a brain (remember, poachers are a cut just above politicians and animal rights scum but certainly does not qualify them to be smart) they would understand that leaving bait scattered all over the landscape might be more apt to direct somebody to their crime of poaching. But that all assumes a poacher has a brain.

The point to all this nonsense is that if it’s so easy to shoot a damned bear in the woods, as the perverts of animal rights claim, then why would poachers go to the effort, and there would be a lot of it, to bait bears?

Our Stinkin’ Rotten Police State

I have over the past 8 – 10 years purposely avoided reporting on poaching cases. There’s a couple of reasons, one being that I don’t think the exposure to those involved does anybody any good and generally any negative comments thrust upon actions by law enforcement personnel are usually met with negative comments in return from eager people who side with law enforcement saying they are just doing their jobs. Well, when does “just doing their jobs” cross over a line to become abuse of power and control?

Operation Something Bruin, was a sting operation set up in North Carolina and Northern Georgia in order address what officials described as a problem of several complaints about people illegally killing bears, illegally transporting them and illegal use of bear body parts.

But it seems that the law enforcement involved went a bit overboard and at times displayed what we Americans are seeing as a regular event in this country; massive displays of police authority and killing power that just doesn’t seem to fit the alleged crime.

In Operation Something Bruin, according to one news media account, of 80 supposed arrests, the majority were thrown out of court due to lack of evidence. The remainder of those collectively agree that law enforcement did the majority, if not all, of illegal bear killing and then tried to pin it on innocent people.

The $2 million operation is now under investigation.

One case involves a father and son who was asked by another hunter (undercover police officer) for help in finding a bear to shoot. They offered him their tree stand. After the officer shot a bear, he called the father and son and asked for help getting the bear out of the woods. They did so and was later charged with the illegal transportation of an illegally shot bear over state lines. The father and son were not present for either event.

Of course members of law enforcement defend their actions saying all this bear killing was necessary in order to be convincing to catch (entrap) poachers.

In another incident:

“Twenty-nine Wildlife and Forest Service agents stormed our home with automatic machine guns drawn,”

And then there is the man who was sentenced to 30 days in prison for hunting with a legal license but failed to purchase a $23 federal public land access fee.

Crimes of Wolf Passion and Ignorance

HumanHatredLet’s set the standard for this article right out of the starting gate. It is my opinion that poaching (defined as illegal taking) of game is a crime. I do not endorse or make excuses for poaching for anyone. And as much as I would condemn a poacher for their actions, I will equally condemn an ignorant, emotionally intoxicated fool who, especially in a position of authority, opens their mouth and makes statements that are so ignorant they should never be allowed to speak in any official capacity.

Found in The Republic, is a quote from Idaho Department of Fish and Game conservation officer George Fischer about poaching. He says:

“It’s real easy for people to blow a gasket about wolf predation,” said Idaho Fish and Game District Conservation Officer George Fischer. “They are very passionate about it, they are very irate about it and they are livid about it. Yet there is a two-legged wolf out there that is probably killing as many or more than wolves. Wolves are causing an impact, there is no doubt about it; I don’t want to downplay that at all, but two-legged wolves are probably killing more or stealing more game than wolves. That is the shock-and-awe message.”

According to this same article “officials” are estimating that in all of Idaho in one year, 600 elk, 80 moose, 260 mule deer and 1,000 whitetail deer are taken illegally. That’s 1,940 wild ungulates. So, let’s use “official” claims to see if Fischer’s statement that humans are poaching more animals than wolves is true.

It’s difficult to shoot a moving target, as that is the case with trying to determine how many wolves are in Idaho. However, continuing to use “official” data, according to the 2013 “official” Status of Elk and Wolves Reports, July 2013, at the end of year 2012 Idaho had nearly 1,600 wolves (that figure is officially declared as a minimum estimate).

According to the Final Environmental Impact Statement – 1994, Page 38 – Chapter 3, “Environmental Consequences”, Cumulative Effects Analysis, the FEIS states that: “One hundred wolves are predicted to kill about 1,650 ungulates per year.” Since 1994, I have never laid eyes on any official report of that number decreasing but I have seen several that places the number of ungulates killed per year, per wolf higher than 16.5.

So, for the sake of argument and to substantiate or disprove claims that poachers do more damage than wolves, let’s stick with “official” data and claims. Let’s take the “nearly 1,600 wolves” in Idaho estimate and round it down to 1,500. Let’s keep the number of ungulates killed by wolves per year at 16.5. Doing the math we easily see that wolves kill an estimated 24,750 ungulates per year in Idaho.

Let’s look at that again. George Fischer, of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, who appears to love wolves more than he hates humans, said that poachers illegally kill 1,940 ungulates a year in Idaho. My math is a bit fuzzy here but I think that’s like less than one tenth of one percent.

There are so many sayings about what people should do before they open their mouths. The one that quickly comes to mind is the one about it being better to make people wonder how stupid you are than to speak and remove all doubt.

It’s a shame really, because nobody approves of poaching game. What’s sad is an official with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, exemplifying such anger and hatred toward the human species in an attempt to protect a wild animal.

Damn we got our priorities all screwed up!

Petersen’s Hunting Ranks Meat Eaters and Poachers

Sometimes there are records no state wants to be associated with. First, however, Petersen’s Hunting ranks the top 10 states for meat eating.

Second, Petersen’s Hunting rates the top 8 Biggest Poaching Cases. Perhaps it says something(?) that one of the biggest poaching cases involved a group of men from Maine. The problem is, the Maine poachers traveled all the way to Pennsylvania to undertake one of the biggest poaching cases in history. Couldn’t they find enough deer to poach in Maine?

Difficult to Have “Wall of Shame” When There Is No Shame

Perhaps a bit like making laws to stop criminals, who, by definition do not regard laws, states like Minnesota and Maine have traveling shows where they exhibit taxidermy wildlife confiscated from poachers in what they hope will deter others from poaching. I have no data to show whether it does or doesn’t work but should we expect that poachers will actually feel shame?

Well, we might think there is no shame but in our bit of comfort zone ideology, do we think criminals/poachers would steal/poach the poachers “Wall of Shame?”

It seems that in Minnesota thieves cut locks on gates and got into the trailers of the “Wall of Shame” and stole 17 shoulder-mounted deer heads.

Such class!

Here’s a photo of Maine’s version of a “Wall of Shame.”


Background Checks and Gun Bans Wouldn’t Stop This Idiot

Here is a clear example of how creating ineffective and “feel good” laws only affect lawful citizens and do nothing to prevent crime. A brain-dead idiot in New Jersey, a criminal, breaks tons of laws to go on a deer killing spree, forcing his girlfriend along to drive using her head for a gun rest. No Obama and Fascist Feinstein gun laws would have prevented this crime, as his weapons were stolen.

Read this one short excerpt from the complaint filed against the idiot by his stupid girlfriend who found the love of her life on the Internet.

“Twenty deer were hit, at least six to 10 died, and three were recovered and transported back to my mother’s home,” she said in the complaint.

Read the whole ridiculous story on NJ.com

Homeland Security in the Moose Poaching Business in New Hampshire/Canada

Thanks in part to a federal Homeland Security grant titled “Operation Stonegarden,” teams of officers conducted surveillance of several hunting shacks, as well as foot patrols on the border in the upper reaches of Hall Stream.

Vehicle access is limited in this area, and officers had a 1- to 1.5-mile hike to reach their intended positions, where some spent a chilly night in sleeping bags in 17-degree temperatures.<<<Read More from The Telegraph>>>