August 15, 2020

Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home

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The investigation leading to the raid began at least seven months earlier, when Robert Harte and his son went to a gardening store to purchase supplies to grow hydroponic tomatoes for a school project. A state trooper had been positioned in the store parking lot to collect the license plate numbers of customers, compile them into a spreadsheet, then send the spreadsheets to local sheriff’s departments for further investigation. Yes, merely shopping at agardening store could make you the target of a criminal drug investigation.

Source: Federal judge: Drinking tea, shopping at a gardening store is probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home – The Washington Post


U.N. goes for Police State in the United States | Agenda 21 Radio

*Editor’s Note* – Perhaps this report is two things – a bit late and presented with the cart before the horse?

The below clip from a bigger article says an attorney is calling attention to the intentions of Barack Obama’s “police state.” What is it exactly that needs to happen in order for the United States to be recognized as a police state? Is it when everything you have is taken away from you and you find yourself locked up with your friends and family? Or, is it all of the things that have transpired over a few decades that has slowly brought us to the point where much of all that is left is to be locked up? And why is this Obama’s police state intentions? People actually think he invented all this?

What I find interesting is that this article describes the “police state set up” as bringing the United Nations into the local police force. From my perspective, and I have been often thought of as a complete fool, it’s the other way around. In actuality, hasn’t the United Nations, through all global power establishments, taken near complete control over state’s governments, along with their local police departments?

If you have your head buried in the sand, or are deliberately attempting to mislead, people actually do not recognize that we have been living in a police state for quite some time. The only claim to fame Obama might have is that he has, for whatever reasons, become emboldened enough to be more “in your face” over it all.

Obama is a puppet of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I have read that when the CFR is looking for their next president (sorry, you don’t elect them) a key consideration of that potential candidate is the size of his or her ego. The bigger the better. Obama has a huge ego and therefore makes perhaps the best puppet for the puppet masters that the U.S./CFR has had in a long time.

We ought to wake up, but I fear it is too late. It’s really difficult to save a ship that has already sunk to the bottom.

Oh, yeah. “But don’t go look.” Better look into that new app for your “eye” phone.

Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall has produced a video which call[s] attention to the upcoming police state intentions of the Obama administration.  The police state set up is to bring the United Nations into the local police force business in the United States through the Strong Cities Network. The Strong Cities Network was announced on September 28, 2015 by Loretta Lynch in a press release just a day before Lynch announced to the United Nations the ‘launch’ of the Network leading one to conclude the timing is suspicious.

Source: U.N. goes for Police State in the United States | Agenda 21 Radio


» FBI Merges Criminal and Civil Fingerprint Database Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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For years the FBI maintained it had no interest in scanning fingerprints collected by employers — teachers, lawyers, state and federal workers, even bike messengers now routinely submit fingerprints for employment — but that has now changed.“For the first time, fingerprints and biographical information sent to the FBI for a background check will be stored and searched right along with fingerprints taken for criminal purposes,” reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting rights online.

Source: » FBI Merges Criminal and Civil Fingerprint Database Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


POLICE STATE: North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

Armed drones could be used by police in the US state of North Dakota after local lawmakers legalised their use.While they will be limited to “less than lethal” weapons, tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray could all be used in theory by the remote controlled flying machines.In a classic case of unintended consequences, the original sponsor, Republican state representative Rick Becker said he was unhappy with the way legislation turned out.  His original intention was to prevent law enforcement officials from using the unmanned aerial vehicles from conducting surveillance on private property without a warrant.

Source: North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police – Americas – World – The Independent


Eric Garner’s Death Is Mourned, Big Government Is Blamed for Tragedy

“A Man Died over Cigarettes and Tax Revenue”

Washington, DC – WASHINGTON, DC — As members of the Project 21 black leadership network mourn the regretful loss of Eric Garner’s life during a confrontation with New York City police officers, they see the root problem in government overreach.

Garner died at least in part from a chokehold administered by a police officer last July after he was accused of selling “loose” untaxed cigarettes outside a New York City storefront. On December 2, a grand jury did not indict the officer who put Garner in the apparently deadly hold. While most protesters are focused on the issue of police brutality, Project 21 members are looking at the bigger-picture problem of an increasingly powerful government which zealously enforces regulations so that even minor offenses can have deadly outcomes.

“A man died over cigarettes and tax revenue. Eric Garner died because of an all too powerful state,” said Project 21 member Shelby Emmett, an attorney and former congressional staffer. “We must ask ourselves what exactly we want the police enforcing with such deadly strength. These officers confronted Garner because he was selling single cigarettes and was thus depriving the government of revenue. He was not threatening anyone’s life, starting fires or even holding up traffic. He was not suspected of a violent crime, so such force should never have been justified. Any person concerned with individual liberty should be disgusted.”

“The overregulated nanny state not only inconveniences our everyday lives, but — as we’ve now witnessed in New York City — it can even end up costing someone their life,” said Project 21 member Christopher Arps, a resident of St. Louis who was witness to both cycles of violence in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. “I would never condone breaking the law, but it is inconceivable to me that a citizen can be put into a police chokehold and, despite repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe, be allowed to die over the crime of selling untaxed, loose cigarettes on the street.”

Besides government, violent cultural factors and unchecked crime within the black community is cited as a factor in the death of Eric Garner.

“Black lives do matter, and Eric Garner should not have died for selling loose cigarettes. I agree with Al Sharpton and the racialist lobby that there is a crisis of black men losing their lives, but my harmony with them ends there because they tend to only mourn the loss of black lives taken by whites,” said Project 21 Niger Innis , national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality and executive director of the TheTeaParty.Net. “The plague on young black men in urban centers is not white racists and nor murderous cops because 93 percent of black men are killed by other black men. There are far too many black men raised in households that have no black male role models and the entertainment-industrial complex perpetuates a gangsta criminal chic. Until so-called civil rights leaders can openly and honestly address this problem, the plague will continue unabated. We need to target the real cause of the genocide of young black men.”

Project 21 member were interviewed or cited by the media over 1,900 other times in 2014 – including TVOne, Fox News Channel, CNN, the Philadelphia Inquirer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Orlando Sentinel, National Public Radio, Westwood One, SiriusXM satellite radio and the 50,000-watt radio stations WBZ-Boston, WHO-Des Moines, KDKA-Pittsburgh, KOA-Denver, WGN-Chicago and WJR-Detroit – on issues that include civil rights, entitlement programs, the economy, race preferences, education and corporate social responsibility. Project 21 has participated in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding race preferences and voting rights, defended voter ID laws at the United Nations and provided comment during the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown judicial proceedings. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life and are not salaried political professionals.

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Connecticut Police State: Act of Aggression, Inciting Violence



Headlines Show Daily Loss of Rights and Freedoms


Seventh Grader Kicked Out of School For Shooting Air Gun in His Own Yard

Here it comes America. Still thinking some of us are nuts and insist on burying your head in the sand because truth hurts?

We have officially become more than a police state, I believe, and proof of that comes from an expulsion from school of a seventh grade boy because he was seen on his parents’ property, waiting for the bus, and shooting a toy air pistol. He didn’t bring the toy gun on the bus nor to school and yet the Virginia Beach City Public School System kicked him out of school anyway.

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Chickenshits in Chicken, Alaska

In case you were asleep, the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force raided a gold mining camp near Chicken, Alaska, complete with body armor and weapons drawn, looking for dirty water. That’s right. How many knew any environmental agency needed to be armed like a SWAT team?

Now the 9/11-built, out of control police forces can’t come up with a good enough lie as to why it was necessary. The excuse? Well, the EPA is saying that the Alaska State Troopers told them, “that Chicken, Alaska ‘was rife with drug and human trafficking.'” And shocking as it may seem, the Alaska State Troopers are denying they ever said such a thing.

Here’s an idea. Without even creating another 9/11, let’s just continue to give law enforcement more and more power over our liberties, privacy, and freedoms. Hell, we don’t need them anyway. It’s for national security, right?


Nanny Bloomberg Again: NY Mandatory Composting!

Big Apple “Voluntary” Composting Idea Stinks; Carries Health Risks, Says New York-Based Risk Expert

New York, NY – Mayor Bloomberg is planning on creating a “voluntary” composting program that will eventually become mandatory, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

“This is a rotten idea for the Big Apple,”says Jeff Stier, the New York City-based Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Risk Analysis Division.

The National Center for Public Policy Research supports voluntary composting. “In fact,” says Stier, “we already have voluntary composting where residents can send their kitchen scraps to gardens around the five boroughs.”

So why the need for a new program? A Bloomberg official admitted to the New York Times that while initially voluntary, the goal is to require all residents of the city to save their kitchen scraps for a government-administered composting program. Those who don’t compost would be subject to fines.

“We live in a big city, not on a farm, and while composting is a great idea in certain circumstances,” says Stier, “it doesn’t make sense to mandate that all New York residents save their rotting food.”

Stier says the Mayor’s view is skewed in favor of anything labeled “green.” “If they mayor applied his risk-averse trans-fat banning, soda-size limiting science to the risks of composting in NYC he wouldn’t be making it mandatory, he’d be banning it,” exclaims Stier.

“Consider the increased risks from disease-carrying vermin (a problem the city still hasn’t conquered), from all of the pre-compost material sitting around our dense living spaces, not going out with the trash each night,” says Stier.

Stier wonders why Nanny Bloomberg isn’t worried about greenhouse gas emissions from the extra “compost trucks” that’ll have to be deployed. “Perhaps they’ll be carrot-peel powered,” chides Stier.

“There’s no way food scraps can be picked up from every home throughout the city without greatly increasing the number of trucks, traffic, and tyranny.”

Mayor Bloomberg has banned smoking and trans fats from New York bars and restaurants, required calorie counts on restaurant menus, banned smoking in city plazas, parks and beaches, and banned private food donations to city homeless shelters in an effort to monitor the fat, salt and fiber content of foods eaten by the homeless, a story broken by Stier’s reporting.

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