March 25, 2017

Minnesota Wolves: No Kudos from Here

The following article from a Northern Minnesota newspaper describes a 40-year US Fish and Wildlife Service (retired) Wolf Biologist admitting that wolves in Minnesota have indeed decimated the Minnesota moose population and that, undoubtedly, any attempt to increase moose numbers in Minnesota would be akin to introducing impalas into a lion cage at the zoo. […]

Understanding Coyote Behavior Can Contribute to Better Study Results

Below I emboldened part of a statement found in the article I linked to. Anyone who has maybe just slightly more than a basic understanding of how and when coyotes prey on fawn deer, would know that this killing occurs within moments of birth. Coyotes are bright animals and territorial. They know their habitat. They […]

Coyote and Coyote Wolf Cross-Breeds Attack and Kill Moose

Abstract: It has been widely assumed that coyotes (Canis latrans Say, 1823) are incapable of killing adult moose (Alces alces (L., 1758)) and previous studies of coyote predation support this assumption. However, eastern coyotes and eastern coyote × eastern wolf (Canis lycaon Schreber, 1775) are larger than western coyotes and appear to rely on larger […]

Wily coyote to force deer hunting limits?

Then the coyote arrived and, oddly enough, became the state’s de facto deer manager — killing fawns at a rate of more than 50 percent in some places. Since the coyote started to prey, the number of deer statewide has fallen about 30 percent, biologists and hunters say. Source: Wily coyote to force deer hunting […]

Deadly coyote attack on horse: DNR wildlife technician offers safety advice, hunting regulations

The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Monday that “A group of 5 to 6 coyotes entered the paddock area and attacked the horse while it was eating. The horse was brought to the ground during the attack.” Source: Deadly coyote attack on horse: DNR wildlife technician offers safety advice, hunting regulations […]

Bobcat Wrestles With Deer

I was sent a series of photographs of a bobcat attempting to get a meal made out of deer meat. The pictures are remarkable if for no other reason than someone was able to capture on film a bobcat, one that appears to be of some size, attempting to get a grip on a deer […]

The Effect of Coyotes on Deer Populations

“It appears coyotes negatively influence deer populations. The elimination of coyotes have been known to double the survival of fawns. The removal of predators, especially coyotes can significantly increase the deer population. Do your part to put these fawn slayers in check by trapping and hunting and to bring back a thriving deer herd, but […]

Population Status and Foraging Ecology of Eastern Coyotes in New York State

Summary: This research was initiated to assess the abundance of coyote populations in New York State and evaluate potential impacts of coyote predation on deer populations. Additional monies were secured separately to investigate other aspects of coyote ecology relevant to the DEC’s interests, and that research is also summarized herein. Despite deer dominating coyote diets […]

Wolves Eating Deer Alive

Note: If you are having trouble viewing this video, try this link.

Shock! Predation Number One Factor in Deer Fawn Deaths

“In a 2003 study of fawn mortality, the Pennsylvania Game Commission captured and collared 110 fawns from an agricultural area and 108 from a heavily forested region. Nine weeks after capture, 28 percent of the farmland fawns, and 43 percent of the big-woods deer, were dead. Twenty-six weeks after capture, mortality rates were 42% and […]