October 25, 2020

Why Blind Ignorance Persists, Blindly

I’ve sometimes asked when will the day come when people will discover the real truth about any issue? The answer, for anyone willing to do some historic investigation, is never. Here’s why.

If you are not willing to accept the fact that we are all brainwashed and programmed to act and react, void of independent thinking, there is little use to continue reading what follows. In essence, you are already beyond help. I’ll help explain why.

Everyone in this day and age of post normal everything, believe they know the truth. I say believe because that is precisely what is going on. People believe. They do not know. They do not have knowledge. They do not have an open mind. They cannot think. And so, they simply believe. It’s easier that way.

Eric Hoffer, author of the book, The True Believer, says that everyone wants to belong to something, to be on someone’s side, to feel important. Being a “True Believer” serves that role. True Believers take narrative that sounds wonderful and fits one’s ideology, whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not, and jump on a band wagon believing they have truth.

With a new belief, combined with a manipulated mind that will shut down to any suggestion of “new thinking,” how, then, does anyone break through that wall?

This is, not necessarily, a new thing. Recently I received a link to an article from a Canadian newspaper that looked back in history, to a time around the Great Depression, when the owner of the newspaper, Sault Star, offered a $100 reward for anyone who could prove to him that any person had been “attacked” by a wolf. The reward and attack criteria was limited to just Algoma.

First, here’s the quote taken from the newspaper in 1925: “This is to inform the public that the Sault Daily Star will pay $100 to the first person who can establish to the satisfaction of the editor that any timber or brush wolf has attacked any person in Algoma.” (emboldening added)

The obvious problem in this account of the person offering a reward, is that it has been established as a rigged system. Everything and any and all evidence becomes value-weighted to the perceptions of the newspaper. This is a clear example of a person’s truth is THE truth and everything else is wrong…even if it means refusing to accept any other information that might be contrary to his truth.

Second, to further exemplify the closed mind of the True Believer, who has already established the limits of any challenges to his truth, we discover that this same person decides to create “Wolf Week” in honor of his loving wolf; to educate people to the “truth” about wolves. But is the Wolf Week creator really interested in “educating” people about wolves, or is he more interested in drawing like-minded, non-thinking, brain dead people to HIS festival and keep it protected from anyone who might think otherwise?

The articles states: “During Wolf Week, Curran erected an arch at Bell’s Point that was two cedar poles topped with a huge howling wolf. The banner on the arch read “Respectable Strangers Are Welcome In This Town.”” 

It doesn’t require a Ph.D. to understand what Curran meant by offering a banner that read, “Respectable Strangers Are Welcome.” In other words, so long as you think and act like him and are a True Believer, eager and willing to discard all facts to follow the doctrine, presented as “truth,” you are welcome to his festival.

This kind of mind controlled ignorance about wolves was prominent in 1925 and today, we have regressed further and further into the abyss of clinging to the “truth” that fits the narrative of the True Believer. There is little hope for a bright future where only cultivated “truth” exists: and it exists because nobody wants to know the truth. It may be uncomfortable.

However, don’t think for a minute that this behavior is limited to those believing the wolf to be their god. Because this is a belief centered on politics and religion, automatically, due to brainwashing and mind control, an antithesis is established, functioning fully on a false paradigm of two sides. Nothing ever changes. One side or the other, disregarding all morals of decency and honesty, fall prey to the power of money and wealth, willing to bastardize anything normal and decent to prop up their truth, presenting it to an eager Press, seeking the establishment of credibility. Generally the one side with the most money and control over the Press, Science, Education and Politics, wins.

The result becomes, on one side we have tRUTH. On the other side, we have tRUTH. Stuck somewhere outside the realm of today’s controlling paradigms, populated with True Believers, is actual Truth.

But don’t go look!


Alaska Wildlife Managers Say USFWS Rule Violates 1980s Law

State wildlife managers say the new rule “harshly restricts the ability of Alaskans to feed themselves through responsible and sustainable harvest, and is “wholly inconsistent with what the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980 promised (Alaskans), which gave the state wildlife management authority on state, private and federal lands.”<<<Read More>>>

Final Rule:

SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service or FWS), are amending regulations for National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) in Alaska that govern predator control and public participation and closure procedures. The amendments to the regulations are designed to clarify how our existing mandates for the conservation of natural and biological diversity, biological integrity, and environmental health on refuges in Alaska relate to predator control; prohibit several particularly effective methods and means for take of predators; and update our public participation and closure procedures. This rule does not change Federal subsistence regulations or restrict the taking of fish or wildlife for subsistence uses under Federal subsistence regulations.<<<Read More>>>


“Scientists” Continue to Hide Behind Fake “Global Warming”

In a brief article found on Maine’s WLBZ-TV website about the upcoming drawing of moose permits in New Hampshire, the author writes: “Scientists blame the decline in moose herds partly on the warming climate and winter ticks.”

So long as “scientists” and “biolo’jesters'” continue to hide behind the ignorance of a warming climate, and thus the cause of an increase in winter ticks, which contributes to the decline of moose populations, there is never any hope that any real science will work toward finding THE answer. I suppose it’s just easier to use the stupid excuse about climate change for everything. They must believe it brings job security.

One shameful part of this is that it stands to reason that as winter ticks, predators and other circumstances contribute to moose declines, the decline will also result in a wild population swing, which will effect ticks, predators and other circumstances. Once moose populations reach rock bottom, ticks have mostly disappeared and predators have moved on to other prey, the moose population will begin to rebound. Then, the fake, lazy and ignorant “scientists” will still claim it was all the result of climate change and the “balance of nature.” They will continue to beat the drum that climate change is caused by the existence of man and because man exists, they are upsetting the “balance of nature.”

The epitome of non thinking indoctrination.

What a shame.


Bear sought in attack on Valles Caldera marathon runner

Press Release from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish:

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866
Media contact: Lance Cherry: (505) 476-8003


Bear sought in attack on Valles Caldera marathon runner

JEMEZ – Department of Game and Fish officers are searching for an adult female black bear that attacked a woman Saturday afternoon while she was participating in a marathon event on the Valles Calderas National Preserve near Los Alamos.

According to responding officers, the attack occurred when the victim surprised a mother bear whose cub ran up a nearby tree.

Although the full extent of the victim’s injuries are unknown, initial reports indicate that woman was bit and scratched multiple times and sustained non-life threatening injuries to her upper body, head and neck. Nearby joggers provided immediate assistance until additional help could arrive.

She was airlifted to an Albuquerque area hospital where she is being treated for her injuries.

The department is coordinating with the National Park Service to secure and deter people from entering the area. A response team that specializes in wildlife attacks of this nature has also been assisting.

Once found, the bear will be euthanized and tested for rabies. Although rabies in bears is rare, it is nearly 100 percent fatal in humans if not properly treated.

Here are some ways to protect yourself If you encounter a bear:

  • Stop, and back away slowly while facing the bear. Avoid direct eye contact, as the bear may consider that a threat. Do not run. Make yourself appear large by holding out your jacket. If you have small children, pick them up so they don’t run.
  • Give the bear plenty of room to escape, so it doesn’t feel threatened or trapped. If a black bear attacks you, fight back using anything at your disposal, such as rocks, sticks, binoculars or even your bare hands. Aim for the bear’s nose and eyes.
  • If the bear has not seen you, stay calm and slowly move away, making noise so the bear knows you are there. Never get between a mother bear and her cubs.

If you live or camp in bear country:

  • Keep garbage in airtight containers inside your garage or storage area. Place garbage outside in the morning just before pickup, not the night before. Occasionally clean cans with ammonia or bleach.
  • Remove bird feeders. Bears see them as sweet treats, and often they will look for other food sources nearby.
  • Never put meat or sweet-smelling food scraps such as melon in your compost pile.
  • Don’t leave pet food or food dishes outdoors at night.
  • Clean and store outdoor grills after use. Bears can smell sweet barbecue sauce and grease for miles.
  • Never intentionally feed bears to attract them for viewing.
  • Keep your camp clean, and store food and garbage properly at all times. Use bear-proof containers when available. If not, suspend food, toiletries, coolers and garbage from a tree at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet out from the tree trunk.
  • Keep your tent and sleeping bag free of all food smells. Store the clothes you wore while cooking or eating with your food.
  • Sleep a good distance from your cooking area or food storage site.



Armed Prey



Sensible Statement About Predators

“The issue is not wolves, it’s the combination of wolves, grizzly bears, black bears and cougars,” Bob Jamieson, a systems ecologist and environmental consultant, told the paper. “The prey species can’t handle the combined impact of those four animals,” he said. “A lot of people [blame] habitat problems because they don’t want [to] wrap their head around the predator issue.”<<<Read More>>>


Bread and Circuses

*Editor’s Note* – This article first appeared in the Bethel Citizen:

Bread and Circuses

It was the Roman writer Marcus Tullius Cicero who wrote, after the fall of the Roman Republic, that: “The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of the games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.”

In giving in to fat bellies and entertainment, the distraction has destroyed what was once a hunger for knowledge born from facts and replaced it with romantic narratives of intellectual garbage. Too many of us have become automatons – we are told what to think not taught how to think.

I read recently an article Online from a media outlet in Iowa. Two men had shot and killed what they believed were coyotes in two separate counties on different ends of the state. Some in Iowa demanded an investigation to prove both of the coyotes to be wolves – a federally protected species. After a DNA test, officials stated the two animals were, in deed, wolves.

When officials made their statement about the event, one has to wonder if our educated wildlife officials have feasted too long on bread and seen too many circuses.

First, the director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said the two hunters would not be charged with harming an “endangered” species, because, “We understand this to be a sensitive topic.” It should not be a “sensitive” subject. Because wildlife agencies have abandoned scientific wildlife management and replaced it with the demands of a handful of very loud, well-funded animal rights groups, they have perpetuated the issue and made it “sensitive,” void of science. A very good friend of mine, and former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist describes what has taken over scientific wildlife management as the marriage of Romance Biology and Environmental Voodoo.

Second, the director said that because his department has decided not to press charges, “it will be unpopular with some.” Why? Should wildlife managers apologize because the United States Federal Government has and is forcing wolves into landscapes where humans have settled. The states have no say in the matter, while the expectations are beyond anything reasonable. Two men, hunting coyotes in Iowa, a state that officially does not have a population of gray wolves, failed to identify a wolf over a coyote. Also understand that the wildlife officials couldn’t visually identify the two dead animals but by a DNA test.

It was never intended that the Endangered Species Act, nor do I think it was the reasoning of our Founding Fathers, that such draconian measures be foisted upon a citizenry that they should fear government reprisals against humans while attempting to protect an animal species. How can there be liberty with such repression?

If things continue as they are now, DNA testing will soon be the only way to distinguish what kind of wild canine runs free. This is a man-caused dilemma sure to destroy the wolf and coyote species. Canines, regardless of the labels we have put on them, will in-breed. Forcing wolves, coyotes, domestic dogs and other hybrid canines into the same habitat, only serves to destroy, not protect, the wolf specie. Separation is the only way to protect the wolf specie. Forcing shared habitats with other wild canines will destroy them. Promoting togetherness of wild canines with domestic dogs, not only creates cross-bred offspring but most often alters the behavior of the animals. These changes can disrupt and destroy the animals we aim to protect. I don’t think that’s what we want.

Demanding wildlife managers protect every animal in the woods, serves only to destroy some while protecting others. We manage wildlife for man’s benefit. Mother Nature does not do that.

When we have reached a point where the only way to determine a species’ existence and/or origin is by DNA testing, perhaps something has gone a bit wrong. To continue to protect canine predators in such numbers they commonly interbreed, spells disaster for the species. Proper management will correct that problem for the benefit of all.


Susie’s Not Quite What She Used to Be

While hanging out with a few wolves, Susie learned the hard way about democracy.



Understanding Coyote Behavior Can Contribute to Better Study Results

Below I emboldened part of a statement found in the article I linked to. Anyone who has maybe just slightly more than a basic understanding of how and when coyotes prey on fawn deer, would know that this killing occurs within moments of birth. Coyotes are bright animals and territorial. They know their habitat. They learn where deer, a creature of habit, often fawn. They will, at times, lay and wait. Coyotes have a keen sense of smell and can often “smell” when a fawn is born and move in for the kill. These same senses can be attributed to other predators that prey on deer, especially fawns – bear, bobcat, lynx, etc.

I have a camp in Maine. Around that camp, for many, many years I have been witness to a female deer that has given birth to a fawn(s). I’m quite certain the current resident doe is a descendant of the first mother deer I saw years ago.

It is on more occasions than not, that I see her in the early summer, “fawnless,” but is a treat to spot her with little ones.

When I first built the camp, shortly after spending some time there, I learned where this particular doe would go to drop her fawn. So did the coyotes. Over time, the deer have made several attempts to find a place to fawn that is safer. What may surprise some people is that the doe moves to within feet of my camp and hides her fawn there. After a week or two, when the fawn is quite capable of getting around, they disappear into the deeper forest, seldom to be seen again.

In association with this event, I am now seeing coyotes around my camp lot where I never did before. This is not a coincidence.

“These studies used a method that allowed fawns to be captured and collared at birth. Researchers did this by capturing adult does in the summer or fall and implanting a vaginal transmitter. When she gives birth to the fawn, she also gives birth to this implant and it signals the researchers to run in and mark the newborn fawn. With this approach, researchers discovered a lot of predation takes place that first week. In fact, the first week is the worst for fawn mortality from predators, especially coyotes. They concluded that all studies done with captured fawns that missed the first week underestimated the total fawn mortality due to coyotes.”<<<Read More>>>


Reproduction and Nutrition of Desert Mule Deer With and Without Predation


Desert mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus eremicus) in central Arizona declined from 11 deer/km2in the early 1960s to 2 deer/km2 in 2006. We had the opportunity to examine the causes of desert mule deer population fluctuations in Arizona from 1960 to 2006 by contrasting deer density, body condition, productivity, and diet quality inside and outside of the 259-ha Walnut Canyon Predator Proof Enclosure (WCPPE) on the Three Bar Wildlife Area (TBWA) in central Arizona. Mule deer inside the enclosure increased from 11/km2 in 1997 to 32 deer/km2 in 2004 while mule deer outside the enclosure in the TBWA remained between 1 and 5 deer/km2 during the same time. There was no difference in body mass and number of fetuses (in utero) between mule deer inside and outside the enclosure. However, there was evidence of mule deer in better body condition inside the enclosure compared to mule deer outside the enclosure. Mule deer inside the enclosure consumed a diet higher in energy than mule deer outside the enclosure. There were no differences in plant species diversity or composition inside and outside the enclosure. Current mule deer densities in the study area are below what the environment is capable of maintaining, and a history of higher mule deer densities inside WCPPE over 40 y has not resulted in measurable impacts on the highly diverse plant communities of TBWA. Observed differences in diet quality of mule deer may be related to trade-offs incurred through predation risk, where mule deer inside the enclosure are maximizing their energy intake without the burden of predator avoidance and vigilance. Our study provided evidence that current mule deer densities in central Arizona are below what the environment is capable of sustaining.<<<Read Entire Report>>>

Some very valuable information here.