January 31, 2023

Why Two Political Parties?

Some may ask why does the United States operate within a “two-party” political system? Few will be interested in the answer. Most think it is best for everything.

I put “two-party” in quotes because few understand or want to believe that what they perceive as two distinct parties are actually one in the same, at least as far as the end goals are concerned. The rhetoric is what misinformed people use to judge between what is republican or democrat, right or left and liberal and conservative – and all this without even an inkling of what each actually means. But to decide what is right or left, we first have to pit a side.

I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince anybody about this truth but I would like to take a minute or two and explain why it is important the the U.S. (Ruling Establishment) puts all their eggs into the republican party lie and the democrat party lie. Independents are for those who want to go through life thinking themselves different “independent” of choice…yeah, right.

Look at in from the perspective of ownership. No, I don’t mean that you own, literally, either party. What I mean is that once you have chosen a side, for instance like the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, or Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos, once you become a “fan” you see yourself as having some interest or ownership in that team. It is your team. You watch them as often as you can and will even stand up aggressively to defend your better team, regardless of facts.

A die-hard fan, will stick with a team through thick and thin. This, of course, means money for the team owners and all the money to be made for each game that is played and more. I won’t disappoint you to show you how these “teams” are rigged. The owners and those in control of professional sports know how to play the system to get and retain “loyal fans.” Greasing palms is integral. Politics are no different.

The electoral process is rigged. The average “loyal fan” doesn’t know this, nor do they want to believe it. After all, they “own” the party and have drank a lot of beer and said stupid things in support of THEIR candidate. That’s how it works. And think of the money.

You don’t think money is important? Okay, consider the billions of dollars being spent during this campaign cycle – that’s “B” for BILLIONS. And think of the entertainment these BILLIONS of dollars provide for the fans.

When it’s all said and done, one side wins, the other side loses and everything remains the same – you and I are bigger slaves than when it all started and yet we don’t mind because we have become and remain “loyal fans.”

Growing up in New England, I learned an expression – you either love the Red Sox or you hate them. The same can be said of the N.Y. Yankees, and perhaps the Patriots and N.Y Giants. This sells tickets and advertising. It’s not possible to be a true fan of more than one team, from the same sport.

If you are a “loyal” Patriots fan, you are probably angry because the rigged system (but you don’t know that) has carried out the Tom Brady “Deflategate” childish prank for far too long. The must be careful not to alienate too many “loyal fans.” Tom Brady has had his day in the sunshine and now it’s time to find another fake icon to use to make gobs and gobs more money – cry-baby Newton comes to mind. Regardless of what happened, who was involved, etc. because you are “loyal” you stand up for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. You might even fight (literally) for him and be seen jumping up and down on police cars shouting, “No mas! No mas!”

Politics are no different. Once you become a “loyal” (True Believer) fan of the Republican Party or the Democrat Party you jump in line and follow along with whatever the Party tells you to say and do. You want to believe. You have to believe. What is life without a team? (Read Eric Hoffer’s, The True Believer – heady but it’s important to learn something about yourself)

While all of this is going on, much more important things are happening that we are intentionally kept in the dark about. What could that possibly be. If this were true, wouldn’t your candidate, whom you are loyal to, have told you?

Brainwashed Americans sure do love their entertainment.

And by the way, DON’T GO LOOK!