March 23, 2017

Maine Rejects Bloomberg’s Fascist Anti-Gun Referendum

Maine voters rejected Michael Bloomberg’s fascist proposal to require background checks on all gun sales, including private sales, by lying, cheating and stealing to convince voters his proposal was nothing more than to increase background checks. The deceptive term used by anti-gun fascists is “universal background checks.” There was nothing universal about Bloomberg’s proposal and […]

Fighting Against Destruction of Rights While Promoting Destruction of Rights Makes Little Sense

While I support anyone who will work to protect a person’s God-given right to self protection and the right to choose how one should be able to protect themselves, I cannot, with a straight face, allow for the concession of a right to keep and bear arms while fighting against an absurd, fascist attempt to […]

“Yes on 3” Lies to Promote Their Totalitarian Ways

““Data compiled by ATF traced 97 of the 1,534 guns it recovered in 2008 in Massachusetts to Maine.” Silsby got it all wrong — when you look at ATF’s actual data of traced guns that originated in Maine and later recovered outside of Maine for 2008 in all of the United States, it was 248. […]

Maine Law Enforcement are OVERWHELMINGLY opposed to Question 3

Piling On Gun Laws When The Same Laws Already Exist

“…it is a felony under existing law, punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment, for “prohibited persons,” including felons, domestic abusers, illegal aliens, those determined to be mentally incapacitated, and drug addicts to possess a firearm. Likewise, existing law makes it a felony, punishable by 10 years’ imprisonment, to transfer a firearm to someone you know or […]

Retired Maine State Police Colonel Says Vote No on Question 3

There is a plea going out for funds to help keep the effort to stop Bloomberg. To donate:

Question 3: If What We Are Told is True

It’s a simple concept…to me anyway, but I struggle to understand how and why others cannot see what is so easily seen. We are told many things. Most people just believe and follow along, making no effort to even ask simple questions. Maine faces a referendum on this November’s ballot – Question 3. It is […]

Question 3: Maine’s “Cheap Date”

On November 8th, Maine citizens will go to the polls to cast their vote for several apocryphal referendum questions. From marijuana to the minimum wage, it appears liberal minds had their way with the ballot this year and did their best to mock the process. However incredulous these questions may seem, there is no greater […]

Question 3 Proponent’s Lies Revealed During Debate

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine To those that will be listening to the rebroadcast of the MPBN debate on Question 3 between David Trahan and Bobby Reynolds tonight at 8pm, there was a blatantly incorrect statement by Bobby Reynolds that needs correction. Link to MPBN to listen to rebroadcast:… Bobby Reynolds claimed that Kittery Trading Post […]

The Question 3 Debate Continues

The sometimes idiocy that the debate on Question 3 brings to the surface continues. Not only are readers with half a brain subjected to the recurrence of thought and voice that giving away “reasonable” amounts of our supposed inalienable rights is good and an acceptable way to counter the fascists, but we also see when […]