January 27, 2023

I Went to Arizona

On Sunday morning, I had the distinct honor of being a guest on the Shake, Rattle and Troll radio program with Don McDowell and John Koleszar. I had a great time as we talked about the perversion of Environmentalism, Maine’s black bears and the upcoming referendum in November sponsored by one of those perverted members of Environmentalism, The Humane Society of the United States. Also discussed briefly were wolves and efforts underway in order to stop the useless waste of time and money sportsmen are facing from perverted Environmentalists.

Shake, Rattle and Troll is a fast moving, no nonsense, jab, jab, jab format; one that would be enjoyed by any outdoorsman. Tune in!

I want to thank Don and John and all the fine folks at Shake, Rattle and Troll. I look forward to being a guest again in the future…..perhaps.