January 27, 2023

Drought can increase radon gas risks

*Editor’s Note* – If you believe ANY of what is written in this article, you are a big fool. Not only is this report loaded with “maybes,” “coulds,” and “mights” but they must think all of us stupid. Notice the headline and the quoted excerpt from the article. They tell us drought CAN cause an increase in radon gas to levels “higher than recommended levels.” Mind you, like cholesterol, someone who stands to profit, selected an “acceptable” level.

However, further down in the article is reads: “Wet weather is usually more common for elevated radon levels, since wet ground allows the gases to move more quickly to the surface.” (emphasis added)

So, there you have it. Drought (dry weather) CAN increase radon levels and wet weather USUALLY elevates levels of radon.

Just like all of you run to the doctors to make sure you get your monthly doses of cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering toxic chemicals, make sure to contact a “professional” to come to your house and “test” for radon. They can fix it. Yessiree! They “vent it outdoors” so it doesn’t harm you. Remember, they told us radon is heavier than air and so sinks. When the radon is vented outside…..what? It’s not harmful to people anymore? Bwahahahahaha…Bwahahahahahaha. LMAO

The severe drought in some parts of the U.S.—particularly California—may be increasing the risk of radon gas inside homes.

Source: Drought can increase radon gas risks