February 5, 2023

Girls Softball Team Raffles Gun Chickens Freak Out

Brainwashing works! What we are seeing more and more on a daily basis in America, are the results of brainwashing. Those administering the brainwashing (shall we follow that chain up the ladder to see where it all originates?) have done a splendid job. We are at a point now in this country where any mention of a damned gun and the programmed mindless go hysterical.

A girls softball team in Georgia needed to raise money and so they raffled off a gun. They picked an item they thought people wanted.(Give them an “A” for creative thinking, business management and entrepreneurial genius!) Some ran scared screaming blood shed and massacre. Consider this comment found on the Gateway Pundit’s site from one person who didn’t think the gun choice was all that good.

I just don’t think it should be based around any type of weapons or anything that can cause harm especially when you’re dealing with children,” [Diana Smith] said.

Then by all means let’s end all raffles right here and now. And while we are at it, let’s just ban “anything that can cause harm especially when you’re dealing with children.”[emphasis added]

God knows some fascists like Michael Bloomberg are trying to ban anything that can cause harm, but do you realize how long this list would be? If this was really about causing harm, then surely there are a lot more harmful things than guns. Let’s start with cell phones.


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