November 30, 2022

Complete Lack of Understanding Conservation of Wildlife

Below are a couple of comments found in an article to which I have provided a link to. It epitomizes the ignorance and lack of understanding of what wildlife conservation is about. It’s a representation of ignorance of history and the proven wildlife management systems that have been in play for decades that have been quite successful in providing a mostly balanced and healthy ecosystem.

I suppose this is part of the “new understanding and paradigm shift” animal rights perverts and environmentalists are trying to force onto the public. This effort is void of any actual science and proven management techniques.

“Brenna Galdenzi of Stowe, a member of Green Mountain Animal Defenders……said her group is very supportive of having kids attend outdoor educational camps, but is worried about diverting conservation money to support camps where hunting and trapping are taught. That represents a change in the way the conservation license plates are used — from raising money to support non-game wildlife and watersheds to using it to support game sports, she said.”

And also this comment: “They want to use this conservation plate to fund some activities that certainly wouldn’t be conservation-minded. They want to teach kids to trap,” said Peggy Larson of Williston, a lawyer and veterinarian.”<<<Read More>>>


HSUS Making Money Off Internet In Ways You May Not Realize

Anyone with a brain (sorry, now get back in line) knows that organizations like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) raises millions of dollars via deceptive practices. Now we find out that HSUS is making money by teaming up with Internet companies/search engines, like Survey Monkey, in order to pad their coffers with even more money all the while you and I may not even know about it.

According to Beef Magazine, HSUS hauled in $400,000 last year just from their affiliation with Survey Monkey.

I would suppose that when your number one goal of your organization is raising money and NOT animal welfare, we can expect HSUS and other radical groups to steal our money any way they can.