February 9, 2023

Geese Lives Matter

“Nestled along Rangeley Lake, the town’s year-round population of 1,200 swells to more than 7,000 in the summer. The same things that bring all those visitors — the lake and surrounding open, natural spaces — also attracts flocks of migrating Canada geese, which are more than happy to drop in for an extended visit.

And, like those annoying guests from away who overstay their welcome, the geese just don’t when to leave.”<<<Read More>>>




Beep! Beep!


Maine Buck Bagged in Rangeley Area

I received some photos of a 9-point, 189-pound buck taken by a hunter in the Rangeley, Maine area. I have no other details to share.


Maine Moose Permit Deadline Rapidly Approaching

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reminds everyone that they have until May 14th to apply for a Moose Permit!

This year’s lottery will take place at the Oquossoc Marina in Rangeley, Maine on June 23rd. Maine plans to award 3,725 permits this year. The winners will be announced first in Oquossoc, and then the entire list will be published.

To apply for a permit to hunt a moose you must apply on-line – the deadline for paper applications has passed.


If you’ve already applied for a permit, we thank you for your application. If you haven’t you can beat the rush of last minute filers!