March 20, 2023

USFWS “Renomination” of Director

It comes as a surprise to me to realize that evidently the Ditherer-in-Chief, the incompetent big mouth, after four years in office still doesn’t have a director of the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Perhaps if the foul-mouth, nasty imbecile wouldn’t spend so much time with his little techno-zombie gadget Tweeting 2nd grade comments about people and focused on doing his job, this country might actually have a director by now.

It was last October that Trump first announced his nomination of Aurelia Skipwith, and since then the incompetent, criminal, crooked, Satanic-ruled Congress and Trump’s group of blockheads haven’t been able to confirm or deny Skipwith to the position – so much so the process must go through a renomination process.

I wonder how Skipwith must feel knowing the possibility exists that she might get voted in as director just in time for Trump to get voted out of office?

Boneheaded ignoramuses…ALL OF THEM!