June 10, 2023

Undercover Maine Warden Seeks Legislative “Probe” Against Rep. Martin

ClearConscienceCan the entire episode of accusations by a newspaper and victims against the Maine Warden Service (MWS) get any more weird and childish? Today we learn that the undercover warden in the whole charade is seeking an investigation into the actions of Maine’s representative John Martin, claiming Martin used his political power to fabricate the original news story and to influence a judge in the case.

Rep. Martin suggested that the undercover warden, “… the best he could do is probably shut up.” I tend to agree, especially since it appears that the MWS Colonel is still AWOL and the FOIA documents have not been turned over to the newspaper.

The MWS has investigated itself and found they did nothing wrong when it appears the DID NOTHING!

One has to wonder if the MWS is advising their agent. If so, I’m thinking this is very poor advice, at least at this time. They should get their house in order first, that is if they have done nothing wrong. If there is strong evidence of political influencing by a representative, then by all means go for it.

These events have a way of resulting in a great big loss for all parties involved. In the meantime, the people laugh at these people and fail to develop any kind of respect for them.



Childish Antics Should Have No Place in Responsible Government

Much like Governor LePage’s actions to withhold money in order to get his own way, it appears that Maine State representative, John Martin is taking his ball and going home to bang his head against the wall.

According to the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, Rep. Martin is going to change his vote on LD 742 because he lost “his” mining bill.

LD 742 was a bill that would require that petitioners, such as what happened in the most recent bear hunting referendum, would have to acquire at least half of their signatures from both Congressional Districts. Those in support of LD 742 believe that there are two Maines – northern Maine and southern Maine and that each district is distinctly different politically. LD 742 was stated to be the cure to better insure that a proper representation of the citizen would be used to qualify petitions for citizen ballot initiatives.

Leverage in politics has gone on since the beginning of time. Voters should not accept that kind of childish behavior. It is one thing for a spoiled brat to take his ball and go home, it is quite another when others go home with him out of fear of retribution.

Certainly this is another case to support the claim that there is no such thing as government of and by the people. It’s about who has power and control.