February 3, 2023

Oh Say Can You See….It’s Right in Front of Your Face!



Schults, Hillary, Schumer – Caught Off Guard

Another distraction! “Can you tell me what the difference is between a democrat and a socialist?” It seems that the Media is getting “tingles” (think Chris Matthews) over the notion that the chair of the Democratic National Convention couldn’t or wouldn’t or can’t make the distinction. Hilarious Hillary was asked the question and the response was the same. And now, Chris Matthews asked Chuck Schumer to tell his listeners the difference between a democrat and a socialist. He refused to engage, but did reply with, “Oh, it depends how you define each one, doesn’t it?”

Oh, it certainly does!

Before I explain, let me remind readers that I don’t recall anyone in Media asking anybody the differences between republican and democrat, or independent and republican, independent and democrat. Nor have I heard the question asked as to the differences between libertarians and republicans or libertarians and democrats. I could go on.

Perhaps those asked the question were caught off guard. I contend that if a similar questions was asked of members of another fake political party, they would react much the same way.

I hold these truths to be self-evident! What I mean is that these political clowns, these pond scum, the cream of corruption, the perpetrators of all things evil, the authors of psyops and the perpetrators of the lies about democrats, republicans, left and right, liberal and conservative, themselves believing that the differences are self-evident, that there should no longer be a need to explain or define differences in any label of political persuasion. The brainwashing in that area is complete in the minds of idiots like Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary Rodham and Chucky Schumer. Therefore, there is no need to ask for a difference. By now people must remember the bullshit they have been taught. Answering this question may somehow reveal shortcomings in the systems of mind control, propaganda, psychological operations and outright brainwashing.

I am sure the Media did not intend to “trip-up” those they asked the question to. They thought it was benign. Those being asked weren’t prepared because, well, who would ask such a stupid question, the answer to which is self-evident…to a brainwashed subject/slave.

But…don’t go look!



Asteroid Watching

Which direction you go will depend on your party. The Democrats will argue for more carbon controls, more immigration, Single Payer, more deals with foreign dictators, etc. The Republicans will argue for more GOP Senators and Congressmen to be elected to Capitol Hill — after which they will vote for more carbon controls, more immigration, Single Payer, more deals with foreign dictators, etc.

Each side will assert that the problem is that we haven’t gone far enough; therefore the solution to all problems is to go a little further yet: one more donation, one more grant of power to bring final victory. Which of course won’t happen any more than the promotional mailers which proclaim you’ve been selected to enter a narrowing group of lottery candidates will pay off, if you just buy one more ticket, one more time.

Source: Asteroid Watching | Belmont Club