November 29, 2022

Saving Bear: Bravery or Stupidity?


Off-Road Insanity and Media Insanity

I was sent a link to a story of how a couple, “from away,” traveling in a “tour bus,” with 22 dogs, followed their GPS and ended up on a snowmobile trail in northern Maine…stuck.

Insanity? It is insane that anybody should be traveling in a tour bus with 22 dogs. Yes, that’s insanity. Why is it insane? Because the Maine media, all of them, report on the incident of how the couple got rescued by police and game wardens, only mentioning the difficulties in places in norther Maine of using a GPS to travel.

No mention of 22 dogs. Insanity! It is the normal.



Rescued Deer Gets Put Down

ST. ALBANS — Hours after people saw firefighters rescue a small deer from thin ice on Weymouth Pond, the animal was killed by a game warden who saw it suffering and believed it was unlikely to survive.

The deer was rescued Wednesday night, but “when I checked on it this morning it was laying on the shore,” Maine Game Warden Josh Tibbetts said Thursday. “They had put some corn down to try and feed it, but it wasn’t eating it. It didn’t even raise its head.”<<<Read More>>>




More American Animal Perversion On Display

On Fox and Friends this morning, a woman who reads the headlines filed a report of the United States Coast Guard rescuing a yellow Labrador retriever from icy waters that evidently the dog had fallen through the ice and couldn’t get out. They rescued the dog. To my knowledge nobody was injured.

At the end of the segment, the news person makes this statement: “I’m so glad those men risked their lives to save the dog.” And, as I have been asked on more than one occasion this morning, it was not some kind of joke or sarcasm that humans shouldn’t risk their lives over dogs. This woman was visibly upset over the poor dog and obviously and carelessly (perversion) was expectant that these men should risk their lives to save a dog. Save the dog, human lives are expendable?


Neighbors Work for Hours to Save Elk That Had Fallen Through Ice

“They told the farmers that they had called Fish and Game, but had been informed that nature was taking its course and that there was nothing they could do to help.

“Iverson and neighbors John and Bill Lefebvre decided that they couldn’t stand by while the young elk struggled in the freezing water, so they decided that they would head up to the scene to see what they could do.”<<<Read More>>>


Hunters Rescue Two Antler-Locked Bucks

VIDEO: Don’t try this at home.


Men Rescue Deer on Frozen Lake in Maine

LINCOLNVILLE — A man shoveling snow off the roof of a summer cottage on Megunticook Lake noticed a distressed deer on the middle of the frozen ice Jan. 8, when temperatures hovered in the teens. The deer lay splayed there, unable to to rise onto its legs. But thanks to Dan Ford, of Hope, and Lake Warden Justin Twitchell, of Lincolnville, who dragged him to land, the deer is now back on its feet somewhere in the Lincolnville woods, with a good prospect of survival.<<<Read More>>> Several photos available.


Two Men in Boat Rescue Two Locked Up Bucks



Heroism With an Incredible Ending



A Little Creative Thought Rescues Three Bear Cubs From Dumpster

Found on the Newshound’s blog at Outdoor Life.