December 9, 2022

Senior-Level State Department Staff Quit

*Editor’s Note* – Bye-Bye! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Trump talked of draining the swamp. Did he have any idea, members of that swamp would up and vacate the swamp? Was the intention to drain it dry? What are we to think? Are we just being further deceived with this political trickery, using smoke and mirrors? This could be a very good thing or a very bad thing. It seems the voters bought into Trump’s campaign rhetoric and wanted to get the “insiders” out of Washington. Is this what that is? Personally, I think this is a good thing. Let’s strip these SOBs of all the power they wield.

But none of it is real. It’s just a distraction, I’m afraid.

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job running the State Department just got considerably more difficult. The entire senior level of management officials resigned Wednesday, part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior foreign service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era.”<<<Read More>>>