February 3, 2023

Pie In The Sky Restoration of Rights

*Editor’s Note* – The below commentary is pie in the sky nonsense based on a false belief that the rulers of the United States Corporate Administration are chosen by the people to apply the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the servitude. To play within a false and rigged system, believing you can change the false and rigged system is an act of futility and a display of the lack of understanding of history and the application of laws and rights. There is too much (money) at stake that the Ruling Establishment would actually allow a “Wyatt Earp” into the White House. To believe that Donald Trump is going to end Progressivism is a mirror image of 2008, when an equal number of American citizen servants believed “Hope n Change” would end Conservatism. Nothing changes but perception.

While the author of the linked-to commentary suggests some ways to ensure the continuation of our Second Amendment rights, he fails to reveal his “reasonable” gun control necessities – of which I am most confident he, like most fake Second Amendment advocates, has a laundry list.

If Trump were going to be one to govern outside the Establishment ways, he would be talking about God-given rights and protecting them and not seeking the power of government to change government. That has never worked and never will. It’s all just pie in the sky.

“To do so, we enact national reciprocity; we remove the burdens placed on law-abiding citizens and we destroy the false notion of “gun free zones.” As in the economic examples above, a free people will flourish, crime will reduce even further than it has, and the desire for a government to enact more “gun control’s” will perish in the face of freedom thereby relinquishing the enemies of our rights to the ashbin of history with the rest of progressive America.”<<<Read More>>>